Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Almost a 2 year old

Tanush is almost 2 and is so talkative these days. His first words were mom-mom-mom.
He loves saying dada, gaga. He very sweetly says "apple". And these days his favourite word is "no" with a head shake. He absolutely loves running behind megha. I only hope one day they will play together without us having to prompt.

He loves eggs, hashbrown, froot loops, dal rice, gummy bears, chips (Lays especially) and juice. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Long time

I cant believe 5 months have gone by since I last updated. Tanush is such a joy to be around. And Megha is a dream. Between the both of them, Anand and I are busy. Really busy.

Tanush started day care full time in September.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Squash and Chicken recipe for 7 month old

I am so lucky when it comes to food. Neither Tanush nor Megha gave me any problem when it comes to eating baby food. Tanush prefers fruits over his veggies but if I tweak something and add flavors, he loves it.

Like any other food, I introduced squash and chicken separately first.
He had this yesterday at 7 months:

Butternut squash: 1 cup chopped.
Cooked chicken bits: 1/8 cup.

Puree and serve. He loved it.

Homemade pizza

Megha loves pizza. I am yet to meet a kid who doesnt! Every Wednesday we used to get Pizza from Metro (because its the special on Wednesday's). Its an extra large pizza and it means, we tend to indulge in it no matter what. Keeping health in mind, these days I am making it at home. I am yet to figure out how to make gluten free pizza dough but for now I bought the store bought fresh dough.

I dont know from health perspective is its an improvement over store bought pizza but at least the portion is in our control.

Here I added a layer of sauce, cheese, pepperoni and a bit more cheese. Thats it. She loved it.

Tanush can now sit comfortably

Tanu-betu can now sit comfortably for a longer period of time. He is now able to pull himself up from lying position if he is the crib. Its only a matter of time he starts walking!

Well rested baby is the happiest baby!

Companions for life

Megha is a bit afraid of Tanush, in the sense that she is afraid she would hurt him. So, doesnt play with him much. When she does, its only after making sure one of the adults are around. She is slowly getting around that though. Especially when i take them both outside.

She is super proud of her baby brother and everyone she meets would be introduced to him by her. She is protective of him too. If I am in the washroom and he starts to cry, she would rush to him and start singing "Itsy bitsy spider" (his favorite song). Last weekend she was napping along me and Tanush in baby's room. She was fast asleep and Tanush suddenly started to cry. She instantly woke up and started singing :)