Sunday, December 27, 2015

Megha's 4th Birthday

This 4th birthday for Megha is so much special for us so many reasons and the top 3 reasons are 1) Tanush is with us 2) Megha now knows and truly understands/ anticipates and enjoys the birthday 3) My parents are here.

Megha couldn't wait for her birthday. Starting September she has attended 4 birthday parties (2 of them from her school JK friends) and she was looking forward for her birthday. She knew what theme she wanted from the very beginning. It's Sofia the First (Disney's latest young princess).  This asking for Sofia started well before Halloween and I thought maybe by mid November she will change her mind but she did not. So, Sofia it is!

Megha wanted well her friends from school to be invited. That would make it 28 kids. So we cut down to kids from JK only, which was 14 kids. We also invited our family friends. After the last person rsvp'd yes, we had 24 kids and 26 adults.

We booked the same community center that we hosted Megha's second birthday party a while ago.

When we shopped around for entertainment, especially princess Sofia related, I couldn't find anything that was happy with. Since Sofia is not as popular as Elsa, we didn't have too many options.

Finally I decided to let go of the entertainment and just figure something else out. Since its around Christmas time, what better craft can there be other than the stocking? I bought about 30 stockings and lots of craft supplies. It took me several trips to the dollar store to get everything in place.
Each stocking had color sketches that go with it so that kids can color their own stockings, lots of stickers, glitter stickers, Christmas tree ornament with a string attached, foam shapes, round and bell shaped ornaments that can be colored and used as a Christmas tree ornament, pipe cleaners, Pom poms and some craft paper clips.

The idea was to keep the kids occupied for at-least 30-40 mins.
Apart from this, I also labeled every bag so that kids don't get into any kind of disagreements.
Putting this together has not been as easy I thought it was going to be. I had to cut glitter stickers in to small portions (so kids don't waste the whole sheet), portion the foam shapes/ stickers and quite literally everything needed attention. Several hours of work spread through about 4 days accomplished this task. I was very happy with it and so were the kids.

Apart from that, we also hired a local Milton mom to do simple face painting for the kids. Kids thought it was super fun and I was so happy to see the kids happy.

Cake, as usual was ordered from the same lady who bakes all of Megha's cakes. This time to go as per the theme, we ordered a 2 tiered cake (Anands selection). After much deliberation, here is what I decided for the flavors; the bottom tier was a simple yellow cake with custard+delche de leche as filling and top tier was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache as the filling. Of course the over all cover was fondant and butter cream holding the fondant and the cake together. It was soooo good to look at. Chocolate cake was finished much faster than the yellow cake (but of course).
We brought home small portion of yellow cake.
I bought Sofia the first paper plates, napkins and spoons and I thought the whole cake table looked cute.
Cake Cutting:
We 4:

Food was below:
Starters: chicken nuggets, veggie spring rolls, party mix chips and pretzels. Pop/soda; juice and water.
Mains: Cheese and pepperoni pizza, naan, veg biryani, muttar paneer, chicken biryani, butter chicken, raita, macaroni salad, potato salad.
Dessert: ice cream and cake

For a change (from previous parties) most of the food was consumed. Whatever left, which is not much, we brought it home.

For the party favors, I kept it simple as the the kids were getting to take their hand made stocking filled with things kids usually like. The favor bag consisted of a box of playdoh, crayons, small writing book, pencil and an eraser. I also left a big bowl of candy consisting of Hershey's kisses, candy canes and soft chocolates for kids to fill in their stocking.

The hall was big and it was such big help when a few friends showed up early to help. Anand helped set up tables and a few decorations and had to leave to pick up food. Everyone pitched in and soon before the first guests showed up, the hall was all decked up and ready. It was such big help to have my parents around. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to take care of Tanush and keep running around receiving the guests, helping kids etc.

Since Anand brought food just in time, everything was still warm/hot. If we brought it along with us when we first came to the hall, I would have gotten cold.

Megha was super excited and sure was the belle of the ball. She looked adorable in the white dress (From Macy's in states).
Tanush was wearing a comfortable sleeper. I could not put on his new outfit as he was crying so much in the car and was all tired. I just left him in his comfortable cotton cloths. I wore a brand new outfit myself; thanks to Anand for the gift card he gave for our anniversary. Anand was wearing his T.

Over all the party was a success. All of us were very tired, especially Anand as he was working nights. Megha got so many gifts which she opened at home the very evening when one of our friends came over with their daughters.
Tanush was such a sweetheart and so was Megha. Such a beautiful day it was.

On Megha's actual birthday, she really wanted to go to school. So off she went! Before that, I made her favorite breakfast, hashbrowns with eggs and bacon; served in her new Sofia cutlery. She loved it.

My parents blew a few balloons for her.
We gave her the birthday presents we bought for her and she cut the cake I baked at home (zebra cake).
My baby is 4!

Here she is opening her gift from her grand pa and grand ma (Anand's parents)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Party time!

Megha's 4th birthday party is 2 days away and I am really excited! We did whatever we can and I hope it all goes well.

Signed/ a tad bit stressed mom.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tanush rolled over today...!

...And I am the proudest mom on earth today and I am so sure of that!
My baby can now roll over! Wow. I am so happy to have caught that "first ever". And once he figured out how to do that, there is no stopping him. It's just only been few hours since he first rolled over and already, when ever we put him down, he immediately rolls over.
Megha was so delighted too. My baby is soon going to outgrow my lap...though he will never outgrow my heart.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

First taste of water!

Today I gave Tanush his first taste of water! I know I know, he doesn't "need" anything other than breast milk for the first 6 months and until he starts solids but after he cried a bit today, I figured let me give him a few drops of water. We put filtered water in a small cup and fed him a few drops, Megha also fed him a big.
My big boy! A big milestone according to me!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rush rush rush!

It doesn't matter what time we wake up, I always tend to rush in the mornings. Most days I am up and about by 7 and 9 is when Megha gets dropped at school (sometimes by me and sometimes by A). Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, set breakfast, make/pack lunch, apply band-aid for a boo boo on hand because it will make her tummy feel better (I know!!), squeeze in a coffee, kiss another imaginary boo boo, attend to Tanush, ask/tell/yell to hurry up and wear the jackets, shoes...all between 7-9. Everyday I think, tomorrow I will not rush. Invariable between 8:50 and 9 I end up rushing!

Wonder if this is the case at every parents home who has a child under 5.

P.S have I ever mentioned that Megha is going through that phase where she wants a band aid every other day? Apparently every (well, most) kid goes through this and we are at it right now.