Saturday, May 26, 2012

Not even a boo!

We had a very busy day today. With Megha's annaprasana decided on June 1st, we had so many things to arrange before that day. Actually it came as a (pleasant) surprise as we were thinking of hosting his end of June. But boy am I glad to be seeing my nephew sooner! Made him some ghee as I know he now eats food which we eat. Went shopping for booster seat and also finished a few other chores. We were intending to return home by 3 pm but some how it stretched till 6. Meg cried a lot. We pulled over, picked her up nd only then did she sleep. And when she did sleep for the night, she right way went into deep sleep and woke up less frequently than what I had guessed (usually she is more restless when she misses her afternoon nap). Anyway, when we finished what we have to do downstairs, we wentto Megha's room only to find her awake! She was awake and didn't make a sound! Our baby monitor cathes even the slightest sound like she turning her hear from left to right but she just woke up and didn't even move!! How strange. Anand and I felt so bad...I wonder how long she had been up. But on other hand, I am so proud that she can actually soothe herself without someone attending to her the moment she opes her eyes. She really didn't say a boo! But she wouldn't have been up for more than a minute; from what I know she is hungry. So, before the lapse of a min, she would have let us know that she is up. Nevertheless, we both felt terrible.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rice Cereal

Rice Cereal Like most of my sources suggested, we have started Megha with rice cereal. We bought iron fortified (make sure of his before you buy anything) Nestlé Gerber Rice Cereal.

The first thing we did was pray to God that now and through out her life she will have absolutely no trouble digesting food, no heart burns etc.
 Preparation: the first feed always need to be runny. This is what I was told. But how runny is runny? No idea. So I mixed half a tbsp of cereal with 50 ml formula. This gave me almost milk consistency; just couple of touches thicker but it was "runny". I was advised by mom in law that in the beginning it's better to start in the mornings and eventually graduate to twice a day. So, I started her at 12 noon, two hours before her afternoon nap time. I also have Tommy Tippie (actually this was a gift by appu Atta from Orlando on my baby shower) infant feeding spoons. So I mixed the cereal in one bowl and took water in another (later I started putting water in feeding bottle itself).

The first day it took me close to an hour to feed her half a tbsp and she was not even close to finishing it. Slowly she started figuring out how to swallow when she gets something in a spoon. I also did my part and bought her a high chair and a few DVDs to watch; baby Einstein series, sesame street and something else.  Today 18th May, is day 10 and she is now able to take 3/4 tbsp of cereal mixed in about 50-60 ml milk. I am still giving her only once a day. I will start feeding her in evenings as well from Monday.

Before I forget, initially I thought that half a tbsp can be fed in like 10 mins. I almost laugh at myself for thinking that! It used to take an hour for the first one week and she wouldn't have even finished it. Today infer her 3/4 tbsp and it took me 30'mins (day 10).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yummy in her Tummy!

If you notice, this is coming as a new label, yummy in her tummy. In this section (under this label) I will be posting what she had, how much she had and a few recipes as and when I introduce something new to her. I was so worried about what to start, how much to give, consistency etc. Hopefully this section will come on handy for new mom's like me ( hear that Appu?)

Yes! We have started solids for Megha on Wed, May 09 2012. I called my mom in law and she checked and and us that it's a good date and that it would be awesome if we feed her that day. So that's how 5 the journey to solids started :) Of course by solids I mean just the rice cereal (nestle gerber).

We have started her with this for the below reasons. Before someone Gintroduces solids to their babies, it's better that we make sure their infants cross the below threshold so that they don't choke on food. And another key point is that, for the first 6 months, babies get sufficient nutrition from breast milk/formula. So, nutrition wise they are good with just BM/formula. How ever most people start solids between 4 and 6 months. We started when Megha completed (almost) 5 months and fulfilled the below.

1. Tongue thrust reflux completely gone. (babies are smart,  this means that the choking chances are considerably reduced)
2. Head is stable.
3. Can sit (with support)
4. Hungry sooner than the normal time (make sure it's not a growth spurt)
5. Doubled her birth weight
6. Shows interest in what we eat Really, there is no need to rush to give her solid food. All her life she will be eating solids.

Make sure that she is 100% ready before feeding her. I did make sure of the same and yet, i was all jittery before feeding her :) I guess any mom would be that way during the first feed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The problem with socks

The problem with Megha's socks is that they are sooo tiny. Another problem is that she easily manages to push them out in under 10 mins. Its not like the socks are loose-fitting, yet, she somehow manages to push them out and is happier when she is without them. I have found many a socks in locations like under the couch, in the bassinet, on the carpet, under the change table and the list goes on. I can never find the right pair without looking for good 1 min!

Here she is wearing one and pushed out another with her bug-a-loop. And when I start looking for the lost sock, she gives a look which says "whats-the-big-deal-I-am-happier-with-just-one-sock".

A tiring day

Through out the last night Megha didnt sleep well. She kept waking up every hour or so, which means that i get a max of 20 min nap between that. I don't know if she was hungry...maybe its time i start her with the cereal in the evenings too. I was so tired and exhausted by morning. And during her nap time she started crying. She cried for a full 45 mins! I tried feeding her, changing her, put on fresh cloths, play, rock her and absolutely nothing worked. She just kept on crying.
I myself was so tired by then that all I could do was just place her on the bed, sit beside her and cry with her. Finally she was exhausted, had her milk and slept...and I with her. She just woke up and I am having coffee while typing this.

Some days are just so hard; today is one such day. I am just stepping out for a walk with her. Hopefully fresh air will do both of us some much needed relief. I am also considering getting an yearly pass for the parks in the conservation area...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And when we are tired...

Like I said we love our walks but when we go out for longer than an hour, we stop by and drink some milk. This picture was taken near Rabba on 04May2012 (mom was feeding her). She loves this giraffe.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How we celebrated first Mother's day

Like I said before, I am so privileged to be a mom to megha. Anand made my day so special on behalf of Megha. I got flowers, card and elliptical as gift :) I had been wanting to go to gym but couldn't find a proper baby sitter for I got elliptical as gift :) He also made yummy blueberry muffins..sugar glazed and all. Believe it or not, those were the best I have ever had! I am not saying because he made them, I am truly saying so! For dinner he made Italian which includ Cesar salad, lasagna, bread and an awesome rum cake. Oh my, the cake was so moist it melts in your mouth. No one would believe that it was his first attempt at baking a cake. Apparently it freezes well and the taste enhances in a day of two; I might request him bake one fire my SIL who is in Calgary. She will love it. I have taken pictures too but alas, there is no way I can upload it from iphone(from where I am typing). Will attach tomorrow. Ya, my day rocked! Why not, when I have the best hubby and best daughter :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reflections from heart: first mothers day

Dear mommies, first of all, Happy mothers day to you all. I hope you have an awesome, AWESOME day. Some of us are celebrating mothers day for the very first time. I would also like to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how life has changed since the arrival of the little miracle in your lives.

1. All my life I had been told that babies are a huge responsibility and that I have to be 100% sure about having one, before planning to have one. True as it may, no one ever told me how much fun a baby can much you will love your baby that you can almost touch that love with your hands. I love my husband. A lot. But the depths of feelings I have for my baby is something I can't even put words into. I think thee are no real words which can explain how I feel towards her. I have learned that while it's certainly take a responsible person to raise a child, it takes a mom (and dad of course) to love that child like there is no tomorrow. I have learned that today I might go to bed thinking my heart is filled with love for her but tomorrow I will wake up with some more space in my heart to love her even more.

2. Some days are really hard. She needs constant attention and she tires me out. But when I try to put her to sleep, she gives a smile so innocent, so pure that I find myself wishing that I can endure a million more days like this, just to experience the moment I am now experiencing. I have learned that I can survive with just 2 hours of sleep and still manage to function(not for many days at a stretch but you know what I mean). I have learned that I no longer need 8 hours of sleep.

 3. It is sad when you see one sided love. I thought that I love her but she doesn't really know or care who I am. But of late she looks into my eyes which shout out I Love You. We bought a lot of toys for her. I mean a LOT. But the joy she displays when I cuddle with her isn't shown when she is playing with the toys. I have learned that she loves me right back! She finds more delight in me than in those toys! I have learned that material things can never replace the love which parents shower on their child.

 4. I was in the library with her this morning. There was a child with special needs there. I felt soooo sorry for the parents. The child's behavior was...traumatizing to witness, to say the least. My heart went out for them. Many children die every day due to various illness. The trauma which a parent goes through is so intense that we can never understand. Yes, unless we are in their shoes, we don't know how it feels like to loose a child. Actually, no parent should ever EVER have the misfortune to say good bye to their child. We have to do every thing in our power to help to prevent that situation. I have learned that I can help (monitary). I have learned that every parent should have a right to have a content baby sleeping in the crib, like I have now. For that reason I have decided to donate a little bit to my favorite sick kids hospital and research centre...starting on this mothers day. I urge you to do the same to your favorite research centre. It's true, discoveries lead to recoveries. We have to help the research centers to find cure for illness which takes up a child's life. No life should ever end before it had an opportunity even know what life is.

 5. I was told and advised that is always better to be in certain financial position/career etc before having a baby. But when she comes, everything falls into place. By this I am not saying planning is not sure is. I am saying that babies are so much fun and their needs are basic. Feed her, change her and love her...I have learned that all she needs is me and daddy..and a few toys, even steel plates will do...nothing fancy :) I have more to's never ending really.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I love Paris when it drizzles...

Well, not really as I had not been to Paris let alone when it drizzles but we love it when it here when it drizzles and it sure doesn't deter us to step out for a walk...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feeling blue :(

IIt feels unbelievable that mom has come and gone. 17th nov is when she arrived and so much has happened since then. I think I kinda got used to her presence and thank god Anand is home today. Else I would have felt worse. I am not sure but I think Megha was searching for my mom his morning. I was playing with her at 7:30 am on the bed and she repeatedly was looking towards the door. I felt so sad; poor Megha. Later in the morning I was out for a walk with her and she was looking all around her; I think she was searching for her. I will of course try to do my best and so will Anand to give her all the love and then some but it's sad that her buddy Karthy is also far away in Calgary. They would have made such great friends. Just this evening I was mentioning to Anand that we could have gone to visit him if he was in Ontario. Anand is doing his part to make me feel better too :) Really, I am so glad he is home today. I hope I will come out of this blue mood soon. I will, won't I?

Friday, May 4, 2012

First trip to the library!

They (books, internet, people) say that we have to introduce books to children as early as possible. Well, Megha loves her soft book and i have been reading to her since she was 7 days old. So I thought that she might enjoy the book reading at the library too. Its 5 mins walk away; so on Tuesday 01May2012, for the first time we took Megha to the library. From next Saturday onwards we are going for 2 days in a week to play a little and read a little with another small organized group at the library.

Mom's last day, 04May2012

It seems impossible to believe that its already been 6 months since mom came to help with delivery and baby. Her presence was so helpful; It wouldn't have been the same without her. Below is a picture with her, the one last walking time in the morning...I know mom and dad will be back to visit her but as an infant,  taking her out is quite different.

For the love of walking...

Every day, Megha, my mom and I go for our morning and evening walks. We have been doing this for about 2 months now and she gets very restless if I dont take her out in those times. Usually we set out at about 11 AM for an hours walk and about 5:30 or 6:00 PM for another round (yes, even when its cold outside we just cover her warm take her out; it seems to refresh her a lot). Here are our usual walking spots.

Near a park; mom loves this tree.
Near another park; I am sure I will bring Megha almost everyday as we have to cross this park to go anywhere :)
Oh, how she hates the sunlight! We have to cover her with the hood for her to remain calm.
And sometimes I talk to my sis/dad/sil/mil when I am out with her.