Saturday, November 26, 2011


Our Kutty baby seems to be a very active girl. Which parent wouldn't wish for a healthy, happy and an active baby? Often I go through many websites where many expectant moms are freaked out that they dont feel their baby move for long time. Their doctors advise them to count the movements every so often. Lucky for us we dont have that issue at all. Our Kutty moves like its going out of fashion! I am not kidding!

I have already been told that I should expect less kicks/movements because there is hardly any space for her move in this last stages. She doesn't kick anymore but boy she moves and pokes! Sometimes she pokes so much so that we can clearly see the shape of her feet! Sometimes she hurts me a lot by constant poking and I try to gently coax her to keep her feet to herself. Anand loves it when she pokes and he keeps asking her to poke me! Just this evening she was poking way too much and he thoroughly enjoyed it :)

We might actually call her (pet name of course) Pokemon :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

And Jill came tumbling after...

Do you remember the rhyme Jack and Jill? Isn't it one of the first rhymes we have all learned as kids?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.

When Anand isn't working night-shifts, we try and sing a few rhymes for our baby. Well, we have just started doing it together. Anand's favorite rhyme is Jack and Jill and every rhyme he sings HAS to end with, "And Jill came tumbling after". Even twinkle twinkle little star has to end with, "And Jill came tumbling after". Its so funny that we both end up laughing when we are singing the last line :)

The other day he was telling Kutty baby a tamil story about a kaka (crow), vadai (spicy doughnut made with lentils) and  kullanari. Even that ended with, "And Jill came tumbling after". LOL

In the beginning our Kutty was recognizing only my voice. Now she also recognizes her Dad's voice when he asks her to kick me from inside :) Sometime she even complies.

Just this morning Anand was worried that she is in birthing position, which means she is upside down. He is saying, "my poor baby is upside down, i hope she is comfortable"; if given a choice he would sure want me to sit/lie down upside down so that baby is not upside down :) 

We both cant wait to meet her; she is so loved by her dad that I hardly doubt that she already has him wrapped around her tiny little fingers even before she is born.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Shower and my last day at work

I am very lucky to have not one but two baby showers! Apart from what my parents and my SIL hosted (see here), my colleagues at work also put together a wonderful baby shower at work on 07Nov2011. I was quite surprised that they actually pulled this off so well. We had a potluck and all my colleagues brought so much yummy food. I also received lots of gifts and some money to buy more gifts for our baby.

Below are a couple of pictures. I know, they are way too dark but hey, I am glad to be a part of team who cared enough to put something together for me.

 One more...
I worked until 16th Nov, 2011. I am off until Dec2012. I am so much looking forward to being at home not doing anything until the due date :) Mom also came yesterday and she has taken over cooking. Now all I got to do is relax and prepare for labor :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Its finally ready! I started planning things to buy for our baby even before I fell pregnant. In fact I remember collecting a few baby items way back in college when I was working with Selfridges in England; these have been passed on to my first nephew who is 6 now.

Anyway, back to our nursery...Here are a few pictures. Anand did a fantastic job (don't you agree) in getting the right color scheme and the sticky tape which goes around the room.
Here is how it looks like when seen from the rooms entrance. Sorry, the light is dim.
My SIL has graciously passed on our nephews crib and bouncer/swing. The colors do not show up much here but we chose purple for the room color which matches the crib mattress set. Beside that is the gorgeous swing.

We got to buy the ottoman/glider which I am planning on using for rocking our kutty baby to sleep or even breastfeed. The beautiful woolen shawl was hand-knit by Anand's friends mom for our princess. It goes just perfect with the rest of the room. Here you can also see the swing set more clearly.
Inside the crib is a musical doll which my best friend sent me through the registry. When my second nephew was born about an year and a half ago, I bought the same one for him. He seems to have loved it! The music is so soothing that it will put even us to sleep :)
And here is the change station. My nephew did not take to sleeping in the crib. Lets see if I get to use this change station and the crib for our baby.
Below is a picture of our baby's shelf. Some of them are gifts from friends and family and some of them we bought. I know, I still have to organize a lot, considering I should not be filling up shelves even before our baby is here!
Her first closet; still have to wash a few cloths.
From the other end of the room...
I have no idea who these princess are! I better learn their names before my princess arrives. I better ask my best friend (whose hubby works in Disney) their names! I know one is Cinderella (got to be), Dora and Jasmine..,dont know which one is who and the last name I am missing. This sticky tape goes around the room.
Below is one of the first gifts I received from my good friend in California. Well, she actually sent me a gift card and I bought this beautiful little Baby Einstein play gym.
Lastly a place where Anand or I can rest up while watching over our baby. That's the nursing pillow that I had bought about 3 months ago.
So, do you like it??

Hospital Tour

6th Nov, 2011 is when we went for our hospital tour. Living here means we don't have many choices of hospitals to choose since the government pays for it. Of course they must, considering we pay SOOOOO much tax every pay check.

The hospital which we chose (Milton District Hospital) is less than 15 minutes away from home and that's the main reason we chose the place. I have been there before but not to obstetrics side of it. It was small and cozy.
The only thing I noticed is that its not at all as sophisticated as I had thought it would be. I could have felt differently had I not seen the ward where my SIL delivered a baby in another hospital. But I guess we cannot expect 2 hospitals to be the same just like we cannot expect 2 babies to be the same.

One awesome thing happened there! I asked the tour guide some question and she asked us to wait outside the ward so that she can bring it and show us. It so happened that there was another lady in labor right behind the door we were waiting. I could clearly make out that she was in last stages of labor because 1. She was  moaning as if she was in great pain (which I bet she was) 2. Doc was saying, "I can see the head".

Neither Anand or I were comfortable standing there! I was really scared because that could be me in less than 6 weeks from the date!
As I was considering running away to the parking lot through back exit, we heard a tiny cry followed by babies wailing! I got tears in my eyes. Within moments I could hear the nurses and doctors shouting "congratulations". I am still getting goose bumps while narrating this. I had never really been this close to hear someone in labor AND hear the baby come!

Childbirth/ Prenatal Classes

Quite a lot has happened since the last time I wrote down here. Oct29 and Oct30, 2011, we hired a certified Doula to come home and 'prepare' us with a few things before babies arrival. Debra, Deb, like she likes to be called has come home for 6 hours. She was so amazing!

One of the main reasons we hired her was because she seems to believe what we believe in regarding childbrith. Hiring her would mean our beliefs would be fine tuned to an extent where we can implement what we want and how we want. Since I am not as articulate as her, I am copying what she has written in her website, which pretty much matches what we want.

  • I believe... a natural birth benefits the mother and the baby.
  • I believe... in the instinctive abilities of the mother and her baby in childbirth. Trusting in these abilities enables a woman to actively plan and participate in her birth experience.
  • I believe... every woman deserves to be accompanied at her births by a caring, supportive attendant who understands the childbirth process.
  • I believe... the father’s presence comforts a woman and makes her feel cared for and supported in ways only he can. As your doula I coach the father in comfort techniques and help you work together as a couple to prepare for and progress through your birth experience.
  • I believe... that breastfeeding is optimal for the health of the baby and the mother. Breastfeeding is a natural experience but it often requires some learning for both the mother and the baby. As your doula, I provide prenatal preparation, help you initiate breastfeeding and offer guidance during the early breastfeeding period.
She  also took us through the below topics:

  • Pregnancy and nutrition information:
    • discuss your concerns
    • help mother and partner prepare for birth
  • Pre-labour and labour signs
  • Relaxation techniques and comfort measures
  • What to expect in the normal course of labor
  • Medications and interventions associated with childbirth
  • Postpartum needs of the newborn and mother
  • Preparation for infant care
  • Breastfeeding preparation
Deb also gave us loads of material and had also taken us through the serious health warning signs we should watch for. She also gave us material about how Anand can help relieve a bit of pain my various massage techniques.
Most importantly she gave us both the same questioner about what we want during labor. It was the most important part of the session because it clearly showed us where we both stand and whether or not we are on the same page. Out of 10, we both had 7 in common, which was great! But like they say, there is no wrong answer. Its just a different perspective.  

Over all, we both are really happy that we have chosen her as a child birth instructor and I for one would surely recommend any expectant parent to consider getting an instructor. Reading online and through books was one thing and going over our concerns through an instructor was something else altogether.