Monday, December 29, 2014


Of late I had been so disturbed that I hardly have any inclination to do anything other than bare-minimum. So, the blogging activity has drastically come down. This evening I was in the train thinking what is the purpose of my life. I know! pretty dark stuff if you ask me. I could not come up with an answer. I guess this is the most priced question which most people are looking for.

I came home from work and after what ever i needed to got done, I sat down with Megha and we read a little. For the last few days we had been going over the opposites and i am proud to announce that she has now successfully learned the meaning of opposites and can correctly say MANY opposite words as of today!

Happy- Sad
Up- Down
Empty - Full
Day- Night


Monday, December 8, 2014

Halloween 2014

Before the birthday and Christmas arrives, I thought its high time I write about Halloween. Finally I got a chance to put some pictures together. This year Megha was Hello Kitty :)
Initially she wanted to be a witch (I dont even know where she picked that word from; probably daycare). Here is one taken around Halloween time, one of my favorite pictures.

I took her to Walmart and showed her all the costumes available (including the witch costumes). She picked Hello Kitty :)

Anand carved a couple pumpkins.

For a first time, he did an excellent job!

He also baked a pumpkin pie! ALL from the scratch! It was yum yum yummy! Megha ate so much of it. I wonder when he would make it again.

Here are some treat-bags that we made for the kids at the daycare. It includes some treats, a pencil/eraser and a small foam pumpkin.

The house beside the daycare was decorated for Halloween and here is one picture. When I go pick her up in the evenings, she used to say "Its very spooky out there".

We went out to quite a few houses for Trick or Treat. She accumulated so much candy. Here she is sorting through them.

When the plant gets a snack...

I have a little Orchid plant. I have had this for at least 3 years now. I always left it out of Megha's reach but more recently, I left it within her reach. So, last week when it was her snack time, she felt that the little plant was also hungry. So she fed it some potato wedges :)

Luckily I stopped her from giving it orange juice :)

Pancake art for Toddlers

Thanks to my new kitchen gadget, waffle maker, I started making waffles from the scratch at home. But her favorite still remains the pancakes.
I tried to make it a bit more interesting :) It has some nutella (she doesnt like maple syrup), couple of pieces of get it :) Sorry, unable to rotate it for some reason!

Below is Anands hashbrown-hotdog lunch for her that she loves :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This evening Megha said something very interesting. She said she wants to be a doctor.

She: I want to be a doctor momma.
Me: Oh that's nice. Why?
She: So I can make boo boo's feel better.