Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Squash and Chicken recipe for 7 month old

I am so lucky when it comes to food. Neither Tanush nor Megha gave me any problem when it comes to eating baby food. Tanush prefers fruits over his veggies but if I tweak something and add flavors, he loves it.

Like any other food, I introduced squash and chicken separately first.
He had this yesterday at 7 months:

Butternut squash: 1 cup chopped.
Cooked chicken bits: 1/8 cup.

Puree and serve. He loved it.

Homemade pizza

Megha loves pizza. I am yet to meet a kid who doesnt! Every Wednesday we used to get Pizza from Metro (because its the special on Wednesday's). Its an extra large pizza and it means, we tend to indulge in it no matter what. Keeping health in mind, these days I am making it at home. I am yet to figure out how to make gluten free pizza dough but for now I bought the store bought fresh dough.

I dont know from health perspective is its an improvement over store bought pizza but at least the portion is in our control.

Here I added a layer of sauce, cheese, pepperoni and a bit more cheese. Thats it. She loved it.

Tanush can now sit comfortably

Tanu-betu can now sit comfortably for a longer period of time. He is now able to pull himself up from lying position if he is the crib. Its only a matter of time he starts walking!

Well rested baby is the happiest baby!

Companions for life

Megha is a bit afraid of Tanush, in the sense that she is afraid she would hurt him. So, doesnt play with him much. When she does, its only after making sure one of the adults are around. She is slowly getting around that though. Especially when i take them both outside.

She is super proud of her baby brother and everyone she meets would be introduced to him by her. She is protective of him too. If I am in the washroom and he starts to cry, she would rush to him and start singing "Itsy bitsy spider" (his favorite song). Last weekend she was napping along me and Tanush in baby's room. She was fast asleep and Tanush suddenly started to cry. She instantly woke up and started singing :) 

Sleep Training Tanush part 2

Its been about 10 days since we started sleep training Tanush and I must say he is doing remarkable well. March 14th was when I started and by march 16th, he figured out how to fall asleep on his own.

March 15:
Nap: Cried+whined for 7 mins
Afternoon: whined for 3 mins
Night: No crying/whining, just moved around the crib for 2 mins before falling asleep.

March 16:
Nap: moved for 3 mins before falling asleep
Afternoon: Moved for 5 mins, cried for 1 min
Night: No crying/moving/whining

Since last even now once in a while he cries but not longer than 2 mins. His night time feedings came down to 2-3 times a night (in a 11 hour night) vs 5-6 times.

A lot of people are against this method. I myself had mixed feelings about letting him cry even for a minute but it is for his good to be able to soothe himself back to sleep. He is getting much better rest by long stretches of sleep vs the umber of times he needed comfort from REM. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Summer-2015 fun with Megha

We did sooo many things past summer. I had been meaning to put them all together since...summer. Before we head into the next summer, here is what we did!

Here are the pictures in no particular order, but all 2015 summer.

Blue Jays game at Rogers Center with mom, momomma, Tatha.

I believe she said, 'Lets Go Blue Jays'.  I couldnt go as I was too close to the due date.

Butterfly conservatory at Niagara Falls. 

Circus in Milton, she had so much fun (Megha with Ananya).

At CNE with Anand and Tatha.

Of course she has to ride a carousal, her favorite.

Day out with Thomas (and her daddy, Tatha and Momomma)
 We love Thomas and also Sir Topham Hatt.

Trip to meet the Easter Bunny, with Gabi.

A trip to ride on Halton Regional Train, it was beautiful. 

Megha loves trains, as you can guess. 

Indoor splash pool Niagara Falls:

 She had sooooo much FUN! and so did we.

My Favorite picture...

Safari Niagara. Megha loved feeding the giraffe! We took so many pictures and here is one. 

Whenever we go anywhere within 30 mins drive from the Niagara Falls, we always stop by at The Table Rock cafe for lunch/dinner. 

Here is my sweetie.

Santa's Village, where its Christmas ALL round the year.

Of course she loved feeding the animals. 

Final day of her soccer! She scored her goal and get her medal :)

Backyard Pool fun...

 More fun...

At the Milton fun fair

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sleep Training Tanush

Baby is a terrible sleeper. At 6 months he still wakes up every hour or so. Exhausted beyond words I started sleep training him.

Put him down for nap when awake: 9:15
Whined for 5 mins, cried for 3, whines for another 5 and sleeps for 45 mins

Afternoon nap: put him down when awake at 12:45.
Whines+ cries for 8 min and sleeps for 2 hours straight (this is the first time he went this long without waking for afternoon nap)
Nighttime. Went to bed at 6:50. Whines for 5 mins, cries for 1 min and sleeps. Wakes up after 45 mins. Cried for a long time, 35 mins. I went in once to check on him. Didn't want him to get confused with me constantly going in. Eventually he gave up on me and went to sleep. I hope I am doing the right thing and that it will help him to sleep better at nights. Heart broken, hearing him cry.