Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Ouche's

Since the time Megha started standing with support, she has been falling/stumbling on and off. Everyone I know keep saying that bruises and falls are a part of growing up, but when I do see something on her face, I feel so sorry for her. Some days she actually takes a toy her hits herself on head. We keep telling her No. Sometimes she cries when she falls and some days she doesnt.

Below picture was taken on 10Jan2013; that morning she hit herself with a toy. Can you see the bruise on her forehead, just towards the right? Poor baby :(

When I do see the ouches, I kiss them. I wonder if it makes it feel better or hurt more. Have to wait for her to speak and tell me, though I seriously hope by then she is way past all the accidental ouches.

P.S: Did you notice, she only has one socks? lol...I have no idea where the other one went since the time I had put both of them on; hiding in her hand perhaps? 

Winter 2013 at the Cottage

We didnt have as much snow as we had two winters ago but its not bad. A month ago Megha, Anand and I went to the cottage to relax a bit. The following week (Jan 02, 2013) I was to join work. Below are the pictures at home, just before leaving to the cottage.

With Dad
 With mom, she simply wasnt letting me put on her shoes that day.
 At the cottage:

The Chatter Box

Just like any other parent, Anand and I love it when Megha says something; even if it is something we do not understand :) But its slowly coming to a stage when we teach her anything repeatedly and she repeats/answers us. 

Now that Megha is slowly starting to say her first words, this space (under this label) is specifically for the things she says going forward. Oh the fun begins!! I think it would be nice to read about all her first words after years to come. 

For the first time 2 days ago (26th Jan); the below picture is taken on the same day.

Me: Sheep yebdi maggie ma, khattum? (Maggie ma, how do sheep talk)
Meg: Baaaa Baaaa

And then I give her a hi-fi followed by a kiss. Yes! she now knows how to give a hi-fi.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Big-girls milk!

Today Megha reached yet another milestone. As previously mentioned, we were slowly transitioning Megha from formula to whole milk. Tonight for the first time she had the regular whole milk without formula! Yaaaay!!

I cannot help but marvel (yet again) how much she had grown in the last one year. From one little infant to a toddler; what a fun ride it had been!!

I am yet to figure out how to attach pictures from my phone; so pardon me if I am not too regular with picture-updates. These days, my office people have blocked all our accesses to blog. So, I am not able to write anything in the blog at work. I used to do that during my lunch time and cold days like today.

Our big baby is happily sleeping as I type this. Again, so happy to be a part of this milestone. Today is 21Jan, 2013.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates from Daycare

Megha has been doing so much better at the daycare lately. For the first 6 days, she was crying on and off and was very unhappy. Thursday, 10th of January 2013 is when she adjusted fully there. The daycare provider said that she hasn't been crying at all since that day! What a relief. Of course she still cries when I drop her off but its only for about a minute.

Waking her up in the mornings is heart breaking. I only wish there was a way I can let her sleep in. I have to wake her up 5:45 so that I have enough time to cuddle her, change her diaper and cloths, give her water and get going. I wish I had a job close by and I don't have to wake her up before 7 AM. One comforting thing is that she apparently falls asleep as soon as I drop her off at 6:30.

I don't understand, how could it have been 13 months since I left work? Poor Meg doesn't even cry when I wake her up. Such a sweetheart, isn't she? She adjusts fairly well under any circumstances and sure enough, she is getting used to daycare as well. Just this evening the daycare provider commented that Meg is such a happy baby. I was very happy happy to hear that. She is loosing weight though, which is expected. I am expecting her to bounce back in a week as she started eating so much better at the daycare.

Below is a picture when she is all bundled up before heading out for the day :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

First visit to the beach!

Even though we had taken Megha to the fake beach in Canada, I call it fake because they are all lakes,  the first real trip to the beach was in Chennai, India.
The day we were leaving India was the only time we got to take her to the real beach. The date is 02Dec2012; place: Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai.

We took her there in the morning as we had our flight in the evening. My parents were there too.

When Megha looked at the beach from far, she seemed to love it. I thought she was going to be as exited as she was when we took her to the beaches in Canada. But poor baby was so scared looking at the waves and the sound the waves make as we got closer. She refused step down and when I tried to oh her down, she made it pretty clear that she didn't like it. So, most of the time we simply held her. I applied as much sun block as I thought was needed but it hardly made any difference.

Perhaps next time around she will like it? Time alone can say. Perhaps next time we get a chance to go to mahabaliputam. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Transitioning to big-girl-milk

As soon as Megha completed one year, we (Anand and I) decided, with the help of other sources, that its time to transition Megha to regular whole milk. The process is fairly simple. We mixed 20 ml whole milk (full fat) to 100 ml water, added the appropriate amount of formula for 100 ml water and gave her.
The next week (7 day gap is mandatory), we have her 40 ml whole milk to 80 ml water/formula. As of today we started 60 ml whole milk to 60 ml formula.

She is growing so quick!! In another one month, she will be consuming whole milk completely!! Yaeh! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Rights and The Wrongs

It's been a couple of days since I had been going to work. It's hard leaving Megha behind. But I think I have tuned my mind so much so that I was expecting these initial days to be very hard for both of us.
Seperation anxiety kicked in as soon as I left home but I diverted all my energy to drive safe on snow filled roads.

I believe Megha is settling well. Our day care provider thinks that in a few days Megha will not even cry once :)

Something weird happened this morning. I was already missing Megha by the time it was 9 am. I went into the office pantry to grab water. There I saw a lady and she was asking me about how Megha is. So far so good. Then she asked me how much have I cried. To be honest I didn't cry at all this time as that phase has passed when Megha initially started going for daycare for a couple of hours. By now I told myself that this is the way things are and the sooner I accept it and the sooner I compose myself, so much sooner Megha will settle down. So I told the lady I didn't cry. She looked at me as if I had murdered someone. She went on and on about how much she had cried etc. as if crying when leaving Megha is a reflection of how much I love her. It's really had to take when someone is trying to brand you in their minds, bad one.