Sunday, November 29, 2015

3 Month old!

How very quickly time flies! Tanush is now a 3 month old. He is officially crossed a stage where we call him a newborn. Now he will be called an infant :)
Very proud of the fact that we both stuck with exclusive breast feeding so far. Nothing is more healthier for either Tanush or for me.

When Megha was 3 months, I used to obsess over all the little milestones, constantly check on google if she is reaching what she is "supposed" to. But this time around, I am going purely by instincts. And we are doing excellent.

He recognizes me and smiles when I coo at him. Just about started grabbing small rattles with his tiny little fingers and I noticed that he alsmost figured that it should go in this mouth.

He absolutely loves his massages! I heat up a bit of olive oil and gently massage him. When I say gently, it's as gentle as I can be. I trained myself to listen to his cues and proceed. He knows what's best, he knows what he likes. I just need to trust him and follow his cues. Doing this is making both is us really enjoy our massage times. I usually sing a song to him or talk to him and he maintains the eye contact and often showers me with the cutest of the smiles ever! Sometimes Megha helps me massage him and oh, he absolutely loves his sister. Anything she does is mesmarizing to him.
He seems to get baby acne if I use anything other than olive oil on his skin. So I stick with olive oil on skin and coconut oil on his head. Same with Aveeno, he gets acne with Aveeno. So we use J and J products on him.

From the time the clock strikes 8 (many a days even sooner) he would start to fuss. He will only calm down when we take him to his room. I give him another massage with the moisturizer (all the while talking/singing to him), change his bum, get him into his sleepers and settle down to feed him. By then he is ready to sleep. Having said this, he usually keeps waking up every 5-10 minutes from 8:30 until 10 PM. Most days I top him up with more milk so that I can get some decent sleep for 2 hours or so. 

He prefers to look to his left side. When we put him on a mat for his belly time, he is almost 3/4 there in rolling over. 

We have plenty of skin to skin (touch). It seems to soothe both him and I. Oh baby, you entered 4th month! Already! Love you (and Megha of course) to bite and pieces.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Tanush is now 3 months (4 days less). I see a routine slowly falling into place. Here is what my day usually looks like:

6:30 Am: hand Tanush to my mom so I can rest for 30 mins
7:30 Am: wake Megha up (or she gets up and comes for me anytime between 7 and 7:30). If I am super lucky (it terms of getting extra bit of sleep) she comes at 7:45
7:45 till 8:30: get her to eat breakfast, pack her snacks and lunch (which more often than not come home untouched), grab a bite myself and get some coffee.
8:30: feed  Tanush (he then naps for an hour)
9:00 drop Megha at school
9:15 to 10:15 grocery shopping or errands etc
10:15 till 11:00 play with Tanush/ bathe him
11:00 feed and get him down for a quick 20 mins power nap.
11:30 take bath, eat lunch (thanks to my mom who makes sure that food is ready by 11).
1:15: until 1:15 play with him/ engage him
1:15: feed him and get him down for afternoon nap
1:45 try to rest until 2:45
2:45 or 3: feed Tanush
3/30 pick Megha up
4:00 her snack time, play a bit
4:30-6:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have Gymnastics, ballet and swimming respectively. The other days, we just hang out around the home, read a book, draw, make crafts and goof around
Somewhere here feed Tanush and he goes for a nap
6:30: Megha's and my dinner time
7:00 start tidying the toys
7:30: head upstairs, brush the teeth, change and read a few books.
8:00 Megha is asleep
8:10: feed Tanush and get him to bed
8:40 I get to sit down and take a breath.
Until 10 PM Tanush fusses and finally settles down around 10:15.
If Anand is not home, Megha wakes up about 10:30 and starts to fuss. By the time both kids settle down its usually about 11:30 or 12 and that's when I go to sleep.

Some days it's not too bad and some days it makes me want to pull my hair out. Most days wouldn't trade this for anything. One odd day, I would give anything to get a 8 hour sleep.

Anand, my mom and dad help a lot. It would be 10'times harder had they not been helping