Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Where is summer??!

I have had enough of this winter. Third time this season, we had a storm. Last year, when Megha was an infant, it was already starting to feel like spring and I remember my mom and I started taking Megha out for a walk (dressed warm of course) in the first week of march. This season the winters are sooooo cold and Megha keeps getting this cold on and off.
Poor baby, she suffers so much when she has cold :( as I am typing this, she is trying to breath through her nose and is unsuccessful; so breathing through mouth. I can't wait for warm weather where Megha can breath easy :(

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The snow storm!

As some of you know, we in GTA area got hit by a snow storm on Friday, 8th Feb, 2013. I didnt want to go to work that day and I woke up a bit late along with Megha. And then I decided that I want to go to work after all!

We got Megha ready and off we went. I roads were really bad; I really wonder why they havent been cleaned...we pay so much tax! I was probably driving at 20 kmph and it took us 20 minutes to reach Megu's daycare (and it usually takes 10 minutes).

Anand ended up cleaning the driveway and the side walk 3 times that day. Thank God for the snow blower! Finally we are getting the worth of it :) Its s shame last year we didnt have as much snow, as my mom really wanted to see some accumulation.

Here is Anand cleaning the last bits of snow off the driveway. We had to shovel as everything had become ice by then.

 Side walk
 The park
 Here is our darling! I know she loves snow as she plays outside her daycare on a few occasions  When I placed her on the snow, she started smiling :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas with Megha (2012)

This is Megha's second Christmas. The first one went off in a jiffy as we had her naming ceremony on Christmas day in 2011. She was just 10 days old then.

When the tree was being set up by dad, Meg happily looked at the tree :)
For 2012, we bought a Christmas tree and we intend to buy this every year going forward. It would be something to look forward to during the festival season. We bought the Fraser Fir tree which was about 6 feet tall. We bought a few ornaments and lights to go with it. It was placed in the living room.
We placed all our Christmas gifts under the tree. Megha received quite a few!
Our darling Megha, all dressed up!
Our fire place mantle, decorated with the cards we received; It also had Megha's first Christmas stocking (which we didnt fill up, didnt know what to for that age!)
You also see (on the extreme left) the beautiful card which Megha prepared for us (mom+dad) with the help of her daycare provider, Sherry. Best gift ever!! It has her hand print on left and her picture on the right.
Below is the picture taken with Santa at Square One, a week or so before Christmas. I had a beautiful dress on for her, which unfortunately got soiled :( (and A blames me for it :()
Still, this one isnt looking bad either! How can it look bad when its on Megu? So many people persuaded her to smile, including the Santa but nothing worked! I think she was scared of Santa or just plain confused.
Below is the picture taken on Christmas, 2011, the day we had her naming ceremony and the day she turned 10 days :)
She just got ready for the ceremony.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pongal 2013 and 2012

This is Megha's second Pongal. We celebrated it on 13Jan2013 as Anand was leaving for India to attend Hema's wedding on the actual pongal day, 14th.
Anand made yummy chekkara pongal and ven-pongal. Megha had a taste of both. We prayed, broke the coconut and Meg had her taste of coconut water too.

Below is the picture taken on 13 Jan 2013 on pongal day. She is wearing an outfit (what is it called? Ghagra choli?) given by her paternal grand parents in Chennai. I took this picture when A was out for a couple of hours. He missed seeing her in this outfit.
Below is the picture taken on 14Jan2012, on Pongal day last year. How small she was!

First Diwali!!

I cannot believe so much time has gone by and I still didn't write anything about Diwali.
Megha's first Diwali was celebrated in India, at my parents place. On the morning of the Diwali, we were to leave to the temple and get the puja done by 10:30 Am. We were also supposed to take "nombu-khairu" from the temple priest. I have no idea why I am looking this fat; I think I simply didnt tie the saree well (thats my excuse and I am sticking to it).

I woke up a little early in the morning and helped my mom with the breakfast, prasad and stuff like that. Megha and A slept in but when A woke up, he wasn't well.
Anyway, when I was doing the Lakshmi Puja, Anand got some allergies because of the Agarbatti.
Megha, Anand and I dressed up in new cloths and along with my sister, nephew, mom and Dad, we went to the temple.Below picture is at the temple; Anand tying khairu to me and Meg.
Isnt that a cute picture? With my sis.
The horn on the bus goes...beep beep beep: A rhyme which my sis and Meg love..
By the time we returned, Anands fever had gone up. My dad called the doctor home and he was given maleria medication.

Megha enjoyed a lot that evening with the fire works and all. Initially I bought that she will cry with the loud noises but no, she was happy! She loved the flower pots and bhu-chakra! She wanted to catch them. My silly girl :)
Here you can see my BIL, Rajesh.

Dad got some lights set up for Diwali and their home looked beautiful. The only reason it wasn't perfect was because Anand was ill.
Below is a picture of my parents with my nephew Jayeesh and Meg. Nice eh?