Monday, January 30, 2012

One small incident...

We do everything in our power to make sure that our children are safe and heaalthy. One fine day something happens to them and we get so worried that we ourselves feel sick. This is what has happened yesterday. Megha didnt feed well at all. She was latching on and leaves in a moment and cries. This was so unlike her; crying part I mean. I tried several positions and yet she doesnt seem to find comfort. She was also being extremely restless.

Then it occured to me that she must be having tooth ache (she was born with 2 bottom natal teeth)!! Poor baby! I called several dental clinics to check anyone are open and since it was sunday, I could not reach anyone. I called to check just in case she refuses to feed for several hours and I need to rush her to the clinic.  I was soooo worried. By then it was time for her next feed and she certainly improved. What a relief! And what 2 hours I had spent!!

This was the first time ever she had to go through this.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recipe for Kajal

As modern as we might all be in every other aspect, when it comes to our own children we don't want to take ANY chances. In South India we believe that, "buri nazaer/drishti/bad-eye" might befall a baby if she doesn't apply a bindi. So we make this bindi at home itself so that apart from benefiting from the fact that this is totally chemical free, it also acts as a coolant.
This post is written in anticipation that some mom somewhere wants to get a chemical free solution for kajal for her baby.
Below is the process of making kajal at home. This process had been passed on from generation to generation in my family and every child in my family had used this. In case your concern is only chemicals for you not to use kajal…here is our families secret.
  1. Take 4x4 inch clean muslin cloth.
  2. Dip this muslin cloth in sandal wood paste.
  3. Dry this in shade.
  4. After the cloth is dried, dip this again in the sandal wood paste and let it dry in shade.
  5. Repeat this process from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Basically from sun rise to sun set. (The muslin would have accumulated a lot of sandal wood paste by then.)
  6. After sun set, make a wick of this muslin and light in Castor oil. We light this in a mud lamp (new, slightly big one)…the one we use to light during Diwali.
  7. Take a brass vessel (make sure you use ONLY brass vessel) and cover this lamp, leaving some room for oxygen to assist the lamp to burn. We normally keep a small stone at the base of the vessel for this.
  8. Leave it burning over night.
  9. The next morning, carefully remove the soot deposited on the roof of the brass vessel.
  10. To this soot, add 2 drops of pure ghee (drops depend on how much soot is deposited)…add so many drops which will bring the soot to paint consistency.
  11. Store this in a tight container in a cool, dry place.
  12. Every time you want to apply kajal/bindi for a baby, add a few drops of water and leave it aside for a few mins. Then, gently rub your finger into the kajal mix and apply a little on your little ones forehead/ behind the ear or what ever is your tradition.
There are absolutely no chemicals in this. This is Ayurveda and is an excellent coolant.

First taste of water

Just like any infant Megha is often trouble with hiccups. Our baby doesnt like them a bit! She has this very angry look on her face as if demanding to know, "whats up with these hiccups and do they stop?!"

In India people feed water to infants from day one. Here everyone (including google) suggested that its not advisable to feed water to infants before they start their solids because they might get confused between water and milk. So, until 6 weeks Megha was not given water when she had hiccups. I just fed her some milk or just rock her and comfort her until the hiccups stop.

Last night was no exception expect that Anand fed her water (water bottle cap full) to Megha when she had hiccups!! Our baby had her first taste of water on 27Jan2012. Yippie! She had a very surprised look on her face but seemed to like the taste.
Certainly a milestone according to me. God bless you baby!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleep training part-1

Just like any other baby, Megha is having a lot of trouble getting into the crib. After rocking her for 30 mins so that she goes to deep sleep, she is still waking up in 20 mins. Poor baby, how I wish I could helP her feel safe in crib. 20 mins at a time is how her sleep training began yesterday. Today also I kept her in the crib and like clock work she woke up in 20 mins. I am hopeful that eventually she will start sleeping longer. But as of now I have decided to gently transition her into crib and not rush her. So, she is going to go in her crib only once a day until she sleeps for longer than 30 mins.

On one hand I want her to want me like she does now. On one hand I feel she will eventually have to learn to be independant and it's easier if she starts early. How I wish I didn't have to go to work in dec :(
I really can't blame her to want to be held. I am torn between holding on to her and letting her go. I think this is the first of a gazillion moments when I would feel the same way.

UPDATES: as of 26th Jan night: Perhaps you would remember from my previous post that Megha and I are content with sleeping together on the couch. It so happened tonight that I desperately needed water and there was none in the room. By then Megha was just getting up for feed. So I gently kept her on the couch, made sure she is safe and secure and went to drink water. I was expecting her to be fully awake when I returned. To my utter surprise she was not only sleeping but appeared to be in deep sleep!! I left her as is and went and sat in the glider since I was expecting her to wake up in 20 mins. She surprised me again by sleeping for 45 minutes without waking up and with out human touch!!
What's more, she was hungry when she woke and I fed her, burped her, changed her, gently rocked her to sleep and put her back the same way on the couch. As I am typing this post, it's one full hour and she has not woken up!! Is it a miracle or what?!!
P.S: Don't worry, the couch is 100% safe; she will not roll over or fall down. I made sure I tucked her is such a way to prevent any accidents.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sleep Routine

Megha is being such a sweetheart when it comes to sleep. She pretty much sleeps from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM continuously and wakes up only when she is hungry (every 1.5 to 2 hours) and goes right back to sleep. I am so thankful that we didnt have trouble teaching her the day and night difference.
I think what worked for us is to dim the lights and reduce the sounds around (cooking/tv etc) and she sleeps so well after that. During the course of the day I am trying to maintain the normal environment like playing TV, washing dishes etc.

The only issue (for the lack of better word) is that she likes to be held all the time while sleeping. If I keep her in her crib, she wakes up in less than 15 mins as against sleeping for 2 hours on my lap. I tried every possible way I know to make her feel safe and comfy in her crib, like, making a little nest with small pillows for her, warm the crib matress (with a laptop) for a few mins, keep my jacket so that she can smell me, swaddle her...nothing is making her comfy there!

I dont mind holding her all the time for now but soon she is bound to get too heavy for me to hold all through the night. What shall I so?!
Some say she is too young to be sleeping in her crib a way I agree but she has to get used to this somehow at some point of time. I dont want he to get scared or feel insecure. What shall I o to make her feel safe in her crib?

Friday, January 6, 2012

How to clip nails of an Infant

Any mom would be terrified the first time she has to clip her little one's nails. I was no exception; what if I cut her soft skin? what if i make the wrong move and hurt her? All sorts of nightmares started bothering me. I had done a lot of research and took advises from friends and family. Finally a nurse who came to visit Megha advised me that I should not clip infants nails but I have to file them. I was sooooo relieved to hear it! Here is what worked for me; I am writing this down, in case some mom, somewhere is in the same predicament at some time in future.

1. Give her a warm bath; this will soften her soft nails even further!
2. Feed her, burp her and put her to sleep.
3. When she is fast asleep, gently take her (one) finger in your hand and gently pull down the flesh underneath her nail. This step is important so that you file just her nail without touching her skin underneath it.
4. File her nail backwards (file outwards of her nail, you know what I mean?)
5. Make sure you are using the baby nail file which is available in the market.

This will significantly reduce the risk of accidentally hurting her tiny fingers with a clipper. I have been clipping Megha's nails and so far I am very happy with the result.

Megha's first trip out

Mom told that the first outing for any newborn should be to the temple (with the exception of doctors appointments of course). So, we took her to the Richmond Hill temple on 01Jan2012. What better way to start her new life on a new year date?

The temple was 1 hour away. She was OK for the most part but on our way back she was crying a lot. I had to hold her for a few mins before I kept her back in the car seat.
She is growing up so fast! I wish I could hold on to her every little move :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Born with 2 teeth!

When I was pregnant, everyone told me that calcium is the most important vitamin I should be taking. I quit even coffee and substituted it with milk. I had LOTS of cheese, yogurt, orange juice and not to forget more milk. Result? Megha was born with 2 bottom teeth :) I am not kidding! They are called natal teeth apparently. Her pediatrician at the hospital told us that its been 10 years since she had seen a baby born with teeth. Her family doctor told that she had never seen a baby born with teeth :)

After a bit of research I found out that 1 out of 4000 babies are born with natal teeth, commonly known as milk teeth. While breastfeeding her is what I like to call as, 'interesting', she doesnt seem to have a lot of discomfort with 2 teeth. I am thinking of scheduling an appointment with a dentist though; just to rule out the possibility that the teeth are not loose and that they are not a chocking hazard for her.

Every one seem so surprised when I tell them about this; well, I would have too if Megha wasn't born with teeth. One more real special thing about her :)