Friday, April 26, 2013

Ba for Ball

Megha has been making so many different sounds lately. We bought her a couple of balls and yesterday for the first time she said Baa when she saw a ball! I am so exited!!! Yippie!!!
Will post the picture as and when I get a chance; I simply didn't want to forget the date she said baa for ball...yesterday!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maple Syrup Farm Trip

If living in Canada has taught us something, it is that we have to take cold weather in a stride :)
I am sure you remember our walks in pumpkin farms, apple farms etc...and now its time for a trip to Maple Syrup Farm in Orangeville ON!

What a cold day it was(24March 2013)! But Megha LOVED her trip to this farm.

On our way inside the farm, we parked the stroller by this small fire pit, warmed our hands and off we went.
 Below picture was taken beside a maple tree. The little can you see hanging is collecting the syrup.
We had taffies! Megha and daddy enjoying two ends of the taffies stick made out of fresh maple syrup.
 We also got to go on horse driven cart and megha got to pet a horse.
At the end of it all she was so tired that she almost immediately fell asleep in the car.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Namaste Everyone!

Today (14th April, 2013) being the Tamil New year day, Megha dressed up! She LOVED this outfit. I have to get more of these.

Happy Tamil New year everyone :)
Up close:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We are monkeys...

We climb on everything! Megha here is trying to get my books off the shelf by climbing her toy (this was yesterday)!
Soooo many times we told that its unsafe, but she simply wouldnt listen...:sigh:

Her daycare provider told me that Meg's favorite pastime is to remove all the toys from several toy bins and sit in the

First taste of puli sadam

Anand makes the best puli sadam (tamarind rice) in this whole wide world.
Today for the first time Megha had a taste of it! I think she liked it. She kept opening her mouth to take it; if she didnt, she usually shakes her head :)

So happy that she liked puli sadam, one of my all time favorites :)