Thursday, March 29, 2012

A spring flower

The weather is getting better. I cannot think of a better way to welcome spring other than with blooming daffodils. But my own daffodil is waaaayyyy prettier than the actual flower. Isn't that so?!

Here is another closeup...

Megha in different moods

Allari Megha...
(loves putting everything in her mouth :)
Chilipi Megha...
(whether it is cold or warm, she has to have her hands uncovered!)
Bujji Megha...

Bangaru Megha...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

First rollover!!

This afternoon Megha rolled over for the first time ever!! I missed witnessing this since Anand was caring for her this afternoon and I just went to map for an hour or so. She was lying down on his tummy itseems while she rolled over. Since this was her first time, she freaked out so much so that she cried. A lot, according to Anand.

Unfortunately no one was with them while that happened and we missed getting This on camera. I am sure she will rollover on floor also sometime very soon and that's when I will be sending a picture to all our family members...oh baby! You are growing so fast. While I am extremely proud of all these...accomplishments, I am going to miss her infant-self as she grows up.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The passport!!

I applied for mine when I was 15 I think. We applied for Megha's very early and it arrived this morning. She was looking so much like Anand. I wishbi can update the pic from passport here but I am still figuring out how to upload pictures from iPhone to blog.

here it is! Finally!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First outing in my car!

Since the time Megha was born, Anand has been driving around when we were taking her somewhere. Today for the first time, more than 3 months after her birth, I mustered enough courage to take her out in my car. My mom was also saying that I better get used to taking her now so that after she is gone. Ack to India, if I want, I will be confidant enough to drive her around.

I was really scared; i guess any parebt would be like me the first time they are driving their baby. But we made it just fine to Walmart and back. She seemed to enjoy the ride and the trip to walmart. This is the second time we have taken her there... We did a little bit of shopping for her summer cloths. I should have taken the picture of us together! Oh well, too late. But at least I locked this date :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad dress, BAD DRESS!!

I had (still have) a saree which was super lucky if your intention is to get married. A good friend of mine borrowed it from me for her formal bride-viewing thingy and her alliance was fixed! Even Anand once mentioned that it's a beautiful saree.

But when it comes to luck, some times in can be bad too. Megha has a green onesie. It's a green checkered one and when ever Megha wears it, hardly 10 mins later, she either has terrible spitup or go poo so much that the onesie is soiled or just vomit! She has not worn that thing for more 30 mons, ever! Tonight after her routine, put that dreadful thing (not realizing until later) and under 10 mins she spit up soooo much. Poor Megha!
Just the other day I was mentioning to my sis about this and I don't know why it didnt strike me that all this is because of the dress. Tonight I decided, that onesie is going into garbage.
Some of you might say that I am being unreasonable, but trust me, that green onesie...rascala onesie!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A summer baby in winter

Megha received so many cloths as gifts. I could not use some of them because they were short hands. She used to wear them over long sleeved onesies but not them alone.
Yesterday I was dressing her up in her silk cloths and I wanted to put on one of the short sleeved onesies inside, just to avoid the possibility of a skin rash from the silk cloths. I couldnt believe how cute she was looking (a mom's opinion). It was also the first time she wore something with no legs...:)
Anand missed this because he was working yesterday but this evening I am planning on putting something new, something close like this one just so that he also gets to see his beautiful daughter, growing even more beautiful by the day!

Happy Holi!

Megha is growing up so fast. Yesterday, 08th March she celebrated her very first Holi. Since she was less than 3 months old, we of course didnt put any colors on her but nevertheless, I wanted to mark this day as special becuase it used to be a very special day for me when I was a child. Megha wore new cloths, silk cloths which her grand ma (mamamma) brought from Hyderabad for her naming ceremony. Megha couldnt wear those on her naming ceremony because it was too big for her. So, what better day to wear the same?! Here she is...
She is wearing the chains given by both sets of grand parents and the waist band given by her aunt. I couldnt put on the bracelet given by her periamma because by then Megha started fussing around. Oh well, I am sure she will wear that soon.
Above are the anklets which my Attama sent from Madras. I think I am going to enlarge this picture...I love the way she is wearing them.