Friday, August 29, 2014

Small talk which meant so much more than "small"

Yesterday when I went home from work, Megha asked me, "how was your day momma?"

Wow! Where is she learning to form such long and so meaningful questions? She sure is growing up super fast :)

And she also remembers more than I thought she would. Last night before putting her to bed, I told her that we will be going to cottage tomorrow. Then she said," Really momma?!" Lol
She also said, "we will kick the ball. The water was coooold" referring to what happened when we went to the cottage the last time :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Potty Time!

Friday 22nd of August Megha reached a major milestone. Well, at least we started our journey. At the daycare she had asked her care provider to remove her training pants off and went and sat on the potty went poo! Yay! This was the first time she had asked herself to go poo and did go!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


As I have mentioned yesterday about Megha's unusual behavior, I thought I would post an update. Today was better than yesterday as per he daycare provider. While the pushing continued to an extent, it stopped when her care provider asked her to stop. No pretend-crying today.

I have always told other young mom's (when asked) that if kids pick up a certain behavior out of the blue, they will leave as randomly as they have picked. This evening I reminded myself what I always said and am now just hoping that it holds good here too.
I reminded her again that we do not push. Lets hope tomorrow is better!

Otherwise, megha and I had a good evening. She ate all her supper by herself while I got our next day's lunch ready and then we played the evening away. By 7:45 she was very tired. So I put her don for a bed. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Terrible Two's are kicking in

Megha as such is someone who is well mannered most of the time. Almost. She has her own days when she gets into that typical two-year-old-who-tests-limits mode. Today is one such day.
She came home with a note that said that she was not being herself at all today. When she sees a little kid (Baby T), she runs away from him, wouldn't share her toys with him and she pushed him. When he cried, she pretended to cry too. This is exactly the kind of behavior I was dreading from other kids when Megha first went to the daycare (she being the recipient).

It broke my heart to read that. This is the second time its happened in almost 2 years. While some might think its acceptable as its the second time only, I felt so hurt to know that Megha pushed away another kid; its so unlike her. I was told by other moms that being in 2 is the toughest part. I thought we  sailed through it with no major issues as she is only 4 months away from 3.
Anand reprimanded her and we repeatedly told her to never repeat that again. We also told her that she has to apologize to baby T tomorrow when she sees him.

Of course neither Anand nor I like to scold her. As soon as she went to bed my mind was racing. have I done anything wrong? Are we not spending as much time with her as she needs and thats why this odd behavior at times? If she is picking up this behavior from another kid (like her Daycare provider mentioned), what can be done to control it? At the end of the day it doesnt matter; I am not trying to look for excuses to defend Megha. I am only trying to see if we can stop this from ever happening again.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quite Weekends

We had a quite weekend at home this time with Anand working. I did get around to doing a lot of house work and also spent quality time with Megha.

As is our routine, I applied coconut oil on Megha's hair on Sunday afternoon. While letting the oil soak, we did a small craft.

This morning while we were at Wal-Mart, I picked up some water colors which come with a brush. Here she is paining the leaves and flowers!
Here is the final product hanging on the wall of fame :) She did this with very little intervention :)
After the bubble bath (another Sunday routine), we hung the bird feeder on our tree in our front yard. She was super excited when I hung up the bird feeder! Our first ever bird feeder!
Not to forget, we picked up some sunflowers this morning and Megha helped me arrange them in a vase...well, not exactly a case as I was skeptical with glass vases with megha running around. They now sit on my kitchen counter. She also presented me with 2 Black-eyed-Susan's from the back yard which I added to the sunflowers.
Lovely weekend....yes yes, I am still writing what we did last weekend.
This weekend she also learned to ride a bicycle! I was so busy trying to not let her fall, I didn't take a picture. Next time...she can now ride a bicycle with training wheels! Yay Megha!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Funny things she says :)

Megha was on phone with her grand-pa wishing him for his birthday. Here is a conversation between Anand Reddiar and Megha:

Anand: Say Happy birthday granda
Megha: Happy birthday!

For something which my dad responded, Anand wanted her to say "wow"
Anand: Say wow...
Megha: (Very softly) Wow
Anand: Say loudly
Megha: Loudly


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tim Hortons!

Since the time Megha was born, I always used to feel bad whenever we stopped by at Tim Hortons (something like Star Bucks/ Coffee Day) to get coffee/ snacks through drive thru because she was too little to eat anything from there. Not anymore! Now as we drive thru, she clearly asks for muffins; her favorite is chocolate chip muffin. With so much sugar in it, I am not too sure if its a good thing or a bad thing she picked it up. I am going with good thing :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chatter over the weekend

Has it been already 10 days since I last posted? It feels like just yesterday! Lol
Over the weekend, we had so much fun (Another post to be written after we download the pics). Megha fell sick with cold and cough on Sunday morning which lasted until this evening. But otherwise, we did have lots of fun.

I had been preparing for our big trip to India coming September. Now she says really crazy/cute things like:

"Momma, India is Hungry" (and I say, lets buy chicken noodle soup for India)
"Momma, Broody pushed India" (And I say, oh oh, no pushing Broody)
"Momma, India is in the farm" (I dont know what to say for this).