Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!! (2013)

Happy Mothers Day mom, mother in law, sis and sister in law.

Last year was awesome! See here...and this year too its going to be awesome...will update after we return from Florida. Megha and Anand are taking me there for Mothers Day :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Colors, colors everywhere!

As you know, Megha loves books and going through them. She loves books right from the begening; like from in-utero. I buy her so many books and we flip through pages. Her recent favorite is colors book. She sits on my lap and turns pages while I say the respective color. I, however, had a doubt is she is actually grasping anything or not.

Anyway, over the weekend, just last weekend, I was in the kitchen making her lunch. We were to go to the library at 10 and I wanted to finish making her lunch before that. She was being a little fussy and wouldn't let me cook. So, I gave her her lunch bowls with lids to play with...and guess what! She actually closed each box with its respective color lid!!! I couldn't believe it!! Such a darling...:)

Signed: a proud mommy :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby to big girl...

Today I was so surprised to see Megha eat small pieces of chicken! All along I had been giving her puréed or mashed chicken. This evening Anand and I were so tired and I just got home some pizza (Margarita) and chicken. While I was having some wine and chicken, Megha came closer and opened her mouth. I have her small bite of chicken and she happily chewed on it and ate!! That's new today :)
She didn't stop at one. She had at least 5 small bites :)

She is getting to be a big girl and here I am trying to hang on to her every little baby thing :)