Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A proud Dad's note

By Anand: August 23rd, 2013 (taken from Facebook so I dont lose this wonderful moment!):

So, earlyer today, I kept Megha home later than her normal time to be at the day care since we had an appointment for her. As we were leaving, at the front door as I called out for her to follow me to the car, Megha walked up to the door took a look outside (it was bright sunshine and hot) and walked back in. Thought I would take this opportunity to drop off her bag in the car and come back to grab her. When I returned back to the front door, there was Megha with her cap (whose chin straps don't reach around her face anymore) on her head and was now ready to go. All I could say to her was "Yes Megha you are right. Its hot and sunny and you need your hat. Sorry I forgot to grab it"!!!!!! Have kids always been this smart or is this a trend for these young generation punks?? 

Megha's first official certificate!

As I mentioned before, I have started taking Megha to her swimming lessons every weekend since couple of months. Yesterday was her very last session for summer and here is her very first official certificate! She can now float in water for a few seconds without support! I am so proud of you baby. Keep it up...and of course blessings for many more to come. I am going to put this in frame :)

Have I mentioned already, I am so incredibly proud of you baby!

We got this on Sunday, 25th August 2013.
Some comments from facebook when Anand posted this:

Janmashtami 2013 with our beautiful Radha :)

Today we had a very small puja at home for Janmashtami. Lots of things happening back home and Anand is also away from home. It didnt make any sense to 'celebrate' per se but still wanted to do a small Puja for Megha's sake.

Here is Janmashtami last year :)

After dressing up Megha in a beautiful pattu-pavadi, I adorned her with some of her jewellery. She absolutely loved them! Specially the bangles...she kept taking them off, examine and put them back :)
 Getting her to sit for puja and stand still for pictures was such a big task! No wonder last year I had a chance to take soooo many pictures unlike this year :)
One more :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are still monkeys!

I am telling ya! Megha absolutely loves climbing on things and her new fascination apparently is climbing on/inside the toy cupboard. This picture was taken this morning by her daycare provider at her home. Thank God for the bars holding the cupboard to the wall!

Megha can now say (yay!)

Water: wa wa
Light: lait (french pronunciation for milk...that sound)
Dog: dogh
Pig: pig
Monkey: mom (I know! sigh)
Ball: baa
She calls me: momma
She also knows who her da da (dad) is and her mom-momma (grand-ma) though she is working on calling them that.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sorry Baby :(

Last night was one of those when I was waay too tired and Megha just wouldn't settle down. I didn't play with her when she wanted to as I was trying to put her to bed and this morning I felt terrible about it :( poor baby she wanted to play :(
Wrote this for her this morning... Baby, one day I hope you forgive me :(

Last night when I was exhausted and tied down
I met your smile with a frown

You wanted to play the night away
I say, “Later”, and you look away 

You wanted to show me something to read
Wait until next day, I say, and don't heed

You wanted me to join in your rhymes
I say we already did it 20 times

I convince myself I played with you all day
Its OK now if I don't go your way

I keep thinking someday time will stall
Some day I will fulfill your dreams, big and small

But I have to remember moments will not last
You are growing up this fast

Tomorrow, when you are big
Tears in my eyes will spring

Then I will long for you to wake me
For the laughter, for our time

For the precious word "ma-ma" whispered near
For the petal-soft hands holding me dear

For the thud-thud-thud of your tiny feet
For your gentle kisses, wet and sweet

I will look back and wish for lost time with you
Then I would find you busy in challenges new

Then you will be busy, I will be free
I hope that day, you will forgive me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Booboo ever :(

Its been long...and I am here not to share joy but to share a sad news :(
Megha had her very first big Booboo (wound) today. She was at the daycare and at 2:45 PM her daycare provider let me know that Megha slipped, fell and hit the TV stand. Apparently she tripped over another kids leg :( I was told that she was crying a lot, lot of blood loss too as the cut was deep.

I was so flustered and worried about her that it didn't even occur to me that I should call and wake up Anand. I took a cab, left a message to Anand and rushed to see her. Took her to the doctors clinic (Anand joined us there)and thankfully, even though the cut was deep, it doesn't require a stitch...but according to the doctor, its going to leave a permanent mark which may or may not disappear with time :(

oh baby...please be careful :( :(
Here is her with a band aid (which she keeps tugging...maybe its itching her).