Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Before I forget..

As I said before, I had my 20th week ultra sound on 27th of July. I wanted to write this post so that I don't forget all about it in a few days. The ultra sound itself lasted for close to 45 minutes. Since I was lying down on my back, my tailbone started bothering me badly. So I crossed my legs and tried to lie down still.
Our girl started immediately imitating what the mom was doing! When my technician told me about that, I literally busted our laughing.

The way she told that we were having a girl was quite funny too. Anand, mom and dad were there at that time with me and she said, "see, there is nothing between her legs, so more than likely its a girl!"

Now, I only hope she takes after her dad when in comes to intelligence; no kidding.

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