Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First visit to OBGYN

I had my first visit to my OBGYN on 22nd Sept, 2011; until then I was seeing my family doctor itself. I have this thread sitting in my drafts for a while now since I dont really have much to add. Surprising eh? It really wasnt much. In fact i thought I would somehow develop a 'bond' with the OB since more than likely she would be delivering our baby. My meeting with her was so short that I am having trouble recollecting how she looked like.

The nurse I met there was a sweetheart though. Apparently she was practicing for over 40 years now and she really was smiling ALL the time. I wish she were also there along with me during labor. She also told me that I am just putting on the prescribed amount of weight, which is good. Phew! what a relief.

And yes, yesterday I gave my blood work for gestational diabetes. They actually took 4 vials of blood! What ever they need so much for? I was feeling very week all day yesterday because of that.

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