Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another depressing day....

...I seem to be having a lot of them lately. Many say that as the term comes to a close, its is pretty common to have anxiety attacks, it is common to want to cry and it is common to even want to throw up. Apparently the 1st trimester returns in 8th and 9th month!

Last night I had yet-another nightmare that I had hurt my baby while driving. It was terrible, I woke up sweating at 3:30 AM and could not go back to sleep until it was time to wake up to work; needless to say I am dead tired now and its not even 10 AM! No one ever tells me that I will make a wonderful mom. I don't blame anyone; we Indians do not really express many things in actual "words". But when I want to be reassured, what should I do? It feels so weird wanting to be reassured. Its depressing feeling this way.

I wonder if all this will come in the way I bond with our baby when she is here. I hope not. I keep chanting the mantra, "I will be fine; I will be an OK mom, if not a great one"....but will I be?


  1. where are u. i hope u r well. lemme know. Love to princess

  2. To each their own. You are the best mom your child can have and you will grow into one. No worries.... :-D

  3. Your ability to provide thoughtful insights and creativity to all things make you an amazing woman. That makes you an amazing mom too! Not many moms have the dedication you do in every aspect of your life. No one has probably said you'll be a great mom because they don't think it's necessary. They haven't said anything because they know it's true. But I'll say it! You are going to be the BEST mom for your baby!!!