Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megha goes sledding!

Over the weekend we went to our cottage. There they had so much more snow than what we have in Milton. When we go there, all we do is relax and this trip was no exception. In the evening on Saturday, we went for a drive and when we returned, Megha stepped on a sled for the very first time! It was on Saturday, 15th March 2013. She turns 15 months that day.

Can you believe that little angel is the one who was on a sled?

She had soooo much fun! She held on to the support and was smiling broadly! It was very sunny though but because of the snow around, we felt blinded. Here is a picture...pardon me, I think the flash didnt work. I thought I took several of them...

That reminds me, these days Megha loves to play with my phone. She even knows how to scroll the pictures; could she have deleted them? Emmmmm

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