Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maple Syrup Farm Trip

If living in Canada has taught us something, it is that we have to take cold weather in a stride :)
I am sure you remember our walks in pumpkin farms, apple farms etc...and now its time for a trip to Maple Syrup Farm in Orangeville ON!

What a cold day it was(24March 2013)! But Megha LOVED her trip to this farm.

On our way inside the farm, we parked the stroller by this small fire pit, warmed our hands and off we went.
 Below picture was taken beside a maple tree. The little can you see hanging is collecting the syrup.
We had taffies! Megha and daddy enjoying two ends of the taffies stick made out of fresh maple syrup.
 We also got to go on horse driven cart and megha got to pet a horse.
At the end of it all she was so tired that she almost immediately fell asleep in the car.

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