Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Colors, colors everywhere!

As you know, Megha loves books and going through them. She loves books right from the begening; like from in-utero. I buy her so many books and we flip through pages. Her recent favorite is colors book. She sits on my lap and turns pages while I say the respective color. I, however, had a doubt is she is actually grasping anything or not.

Anyway, over the weekend, just last weekend, I was in the kitchen making her lunch. We were to go to the library at 10 and I wanted to finish making her lunch before that. She was being a little fussy and wouldn't let me cook. So, I gave her her lunch bowls with lids to play with...and guess what! She actually closed each box with its respective color lid!!! I couldn't believe it!! Such a darling...:)

Signed: a proud mommy :)

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