Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some people pub-hop and some people park-hop...

And we belong to the later :)

Monday being the long weekend (02sept2013), we were home. Megha was so bored in the evening. Anand left to work at 3 PM and I had all evening to entertain her. Taking her to her favorite store Indigo is out of the question because going there would mean unnecessarily spending money.

And so we went to park. Well, parks. First we went to the one right across the street, then we went to another one 2 blocks down the line and then we stopped by at another one on the way back!!! Phew, what fun we had park-hopping! She LOVES the slides :)

Pictures from different parks (though not taken on Monday ).

One from across the street:

One from down the block:

One from a bit further down our home:

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