Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Terrible two's?

Megha is almost two and is starting to show some preview of how a two year old usually behaves. She gets really upset (not sure if she does this with Anand though; never saw her do this with him). When I say no to something, she pretends that she falls to get attention. If I ignore, she tends to really do something like kick the toys. It lasts for about 5 mins. Sometimes I just give in and sometimes I let her calm down.
This evening her day care provider told that she did this at daycare too. Not sure how to explain to her; she is still very young and would do anything to get complete attention. 


  1. hehe so sweet. Just divert her when she does that. Its very young age for her to understand. She is just experimenting different things.

  2. With Megha when she throws a tantrum, she calms down if I totally ignore her Sweety...well, much sooner than if I attempt to divert her anyway!