Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rush rush rush!

It doesn't matter what time we wake up, I always tend to rush in the mornings. Most days I am up and about by 7 and 9 is when Megha gets dropped at school (sometimes by me and sometimes by A). Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, set breakfast, make/pack lunch, apply band-aid for a boo boo on hand because it will make her tummy feel better (I know!!), squeeze in a coffee, kiss another imaginary boo boo, attend to Tanush, ask/tell/yell to hurry up and wear the jackets, shoes...all between 7-9. Everyday I think, tomorrow I will not rush. Invariable between 8:50 and 9 I end up rushing!

Wonder if this is the case at every parents home who has a child under 5.

P.S have I ever mentioned that Megha is going through that phase where she wants a band aid every other day? Apparently every (well, most) kid goes through this and we are at it right now.

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