Monday, March 14, 2016

Sleep Training Tanush

Baby is a terrible sleeper. At 6 months he still wakes up every hour or so. Exhausted beyond words I started sleep training him.

Put him down for nap when awake: 9:15
Whined for 5 mins, cried for 3, whines for another 5 and sleeps for 45 mins

Afternoon nap: put him down when awake at 12:45.
Whines+ cries for 8 min and sleeps for 2 hours straight (this is the first time he went this long without waking for afternoon nap)
Nighttime. Went to bed at 6:50. Whines for 5 mins, cries for 1 min and sleeps. Wakes up after 45 mins. Cried for a long time, 35 mins. I went in once to check on him. Didn't want him to get confused with me constantly going in. Eventually he gave up on me and went to sleep. I hope I am doing the right thing and that it will help him to sleep better at nights. Heart broken, hearing him cry.

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