Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Censoring Newspapers

2 days ago I was reading news in NDTV about a baby girl named Afreen. This baby is about 3 months old but its so unfortunate that she took birth in the family that she did. Allegedly her father didn't want a baby girl and hence beat her up! She was brought to hospital and even had burn marks on her. She apparently had a cardiac arrest and died in Bangalore a few days ago.

After reading the news I felt so depressed. She would have been as old as Megha. I dont know why such an angel like Afreen has to go through what she went through. While my heart goes out for her, I am troubled by bad dreams since then. I constantly wake up in the night to check on Megha to see if she is doing ok. I just started putting her in the crib and the stress is immense. If I had known that the news is about a tragic death of a little girl, I would not have read it.
I am seriously considering sending a petition to NDTV to include something like: RDA (reader discretion advised) before they write a story. That will warn people that the subject matter contains some material which might be disturbing to a few. I know my request will not be accepted but its certainly worth a try.

Its not fair that Afreen left the world the way she did. Its not fair that I dont get a decent 30 min sleep because I keep thinking of Afreen!
Here is a picture of megha after she just woke up. How can anyone think about hurting babies?!
If anyone ever does any harm to her, I swear to God, its not going to be easy for them.

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