Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Tamil Newyear!

Yesterday Megha celebrated her first Tamil New Year! She received wishes from her grabs parents, Atta, mama and pariamma. We couldn't take her to the temple but planning to do so tomorrow. Below is the beautiful wish from her grandma in Chennai. I was so touched by it! Waiting for the day when she can see And hold her.

"" hello kutti kutti ponnu happy
happy tamil puthandu vazthukkal, naliku enna dressu for you, 4 masam
mudiyudu, so nee romba chutti ponnu agiduvai.Pati koda enna kadha
sollaporai. jolliya enjoi pannu.neeum nanum seekirama pappom, love kutti
ponnu. pati.""

Blogging this so that Megha can read it (hopefully) when she grows up.

Megha and I also went to or very first Mom and Baby yoga session yesterday. This is the same lady I had been to for prenatal yoga when I was pregnant. When she held Megha I had expected that she might be curious about the new person holding but she seemed just fine. In fact she flashed a smile for our instructor! I am not if she remembered her from the days in-utero but she didn't fuss at all. Towards the end of the session though, there was this 6 month old kid who crawled towards her. Megha was in my instructors lap and before she could stop the 6 months old, he pulled Megha's hand. I think she was taken by surprise...she cried for a few mins. Soon after we left. Over all a great day!

Just for the record and since it's Megha's first Tamil New Year, I made the below snacks to mark the day.

Pulisaadam (rice with tamarind paste)
Keerai vada (patties made with spinach and lentils)
Poli (delicacy made with flour and jaggery)
Kheer (rice pudding with milk and sugar)
Samosas (deep fried snack made with flour and veggies)

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