Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

One thing or the other kept me busy all these days but we are finally back! Megha has started to feel better but still on antibiotics. I seem to have caught some of the flu like symptoms too and I don't feel very well :(
However, this weekend (29th Sept), the weather is so good that we could not possibly stay indoors! Poor dad though, he stayed back fixing the roof.

Just like the last 3 years, this year too we went pumpkins picking from a near by farm. Just like the last 3 years, we got the dates mixed up and we could not pick our own pumpkin.
She had her snack near the pumpkins.

We ended up buying what the farmer had already picked. When I mentioned this to him, he told that Megha and i are welcome to go to the farm and hang out. I was soooo glad! This was the first time Megha was going to a farm! I put her in her stroller but the walk to the farm was very bumpy. Oh well, it's a farm after all. I showed Megha all kinds of pumpkins and she listened intently. Lol! 
After that, we went to Willi's Apple Farm to pluck our own apples. Did I ever mention that Megha loves apple sauce? She does! We buy apples from Costco but when I tasted the apples which the farmer offered to me, the taste was waaaay better than costco's. I have to make apple sauce from the apples we picked today; I am very exited!
 The farm was huge and the stroller ride into the farm was bumpy again.
 Megha loved this farm though. She was gazing at the apples and the children who have come to collect around.
We went there around 11 am but by then most of the apples were gone. But of course we found some. I tried to select the best apples!
 This was my first time too into an apple farm. I selected the ripe ones and I hope they taste as good as the ones i tasted with the farmer.
We bought 5 pounds; have to make the sauce now. Over all, a great morning. The only thing missing was dad; we wish he were there too. 

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