Thursday, December 6, 2012

Welcoming Megha in India!

Megha's tonsure and ear piercing ceremony was planned in India. We took her to India and she landed there for the first time on 02Nov2012. Her maternal grand parents and her paternal grand mom had come to welcome her at the Chennai International Airport. Some of the pictures welcoming her at different places she had been are below, starting at the airport. Oh what fun she had!!

Here is the flexi my parents had brought to the airport. I had a better picture,which I cannot find anymore :(
Here is the one at her paternal grand parents house.
Here is the Rose welcome at my sisters place in Hyderabad.
Here is another welcome at my Maternal aunt's place. Sai Thata did this by hand! how sweet of him.
Here is another one at my parents place, displayed during a party they hosted in Megha's honor. This now rests in my parents dining room.

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