Tuesday, October 1, 2013

and that's the way we eat :)

Its already been 21 months since Megha was born? Really? Where has all the time gone? On one hand I want to have an 8 hour sleep (even when Anand is not home) and I really want her to cross the stage where I have to constantly keep an eye on her....and on the other hand, I want to freeze this time, want to savor the memories and want Megha not to grow up too fast.

I am torn between teaching her how to eat independently and on other hand I dont want to lose the bonding we share when I feed her. I wonder if every parent faces this dilemma or is it just me?

Here is Megha attempting to eat on her own over the weekend :)
Normally she doesnt like to spill food on her table and really tries hard not to spill. But on the days she is too involved in watching Special Agent Oso (her favorite cartoon), this is what she looks like when she eats :)
both hands in :)

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