Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First few sentences

Megha is totally surprising us these days with her new words. All that worry about starting to talk late was for nothing I guess!

Over the weekend of 28th Sept, I took Megha out to the park. There I was a baby and said, "Hi Baby"..and immediately Megha said "Hi Baby"! thats her very second sentence! I was sooo happy to hear it!
First was "Hi OSO".

These days she says "hi-yaya", her way of saying Hi. This evening she saw Anand and said "Hi Oso"

She also says hi bus, bye bus :)
5th Oct, we were at the doctors clinic getting our shots and she was playing with my handbag and saw a pen. She immediately said "pen" surprising us both. The same evening we were watching the dvd of Baby Einstein and said "snow" when she saw the snow falling on TV :)

Below pictures are taken late last week at the daycare. Oh how she loves playing outside! Pictures were taken by her daycare provider; very nice of her :) Megha was "helping" her clean/rake the Fall leaves :)

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