Friday, November 15, 2013

Diwali 2013 (Nov 03)!

We had so much fun on this Diwali! I cannot believe its already 2nd Diwali for Megha. Last year this time we were in India celebrating Diwali with my parents: Diwali 2012

The day before Diwali, Megha Anand and I went to buy some jewellery for Megha. Anand was complaining that I had blackmailed him into buying jewellery! lol but its Diwali! She is wearing pattu pavadi gifted by my Kumari aunty, Sai uncle (Megha's tatha and paati) and Dimpu mama. Thanks all! As you can see, she looks oh-so-adorable.
 The morning of Diwali, Megha woke up at about 7:30 AM. By then Anand had returned from his night shift and has started cooking. He did soooo much! ALL by himself! I only helped chop veggies...that and I also made payasam but thats about it.
Diwali Menu:
Vendaka kootu
Drumstick sambar
coconut chutney
dosaka pickle
Meanwhile I setup the puja table.
Megha was running around and it was such a nice, festive and warm feeling with her yelling, Anand cooking and me helping both! She had so much fun taking things off the table as I was arranging them! Here is her tiny hand trying to sneak something to eat :)
After this, I applied oil on her head and Anand gave us our new cloths to wear.
Anand lighting aarathi:
Megha tastes her prasadam
Here is us!
Here is my darling Megha
Here is me, of course...
After puja and a heavy brunch, we all went for a quick nap.
Then Rocio and momma Rocio visited us with her twins to wish us for Diwali. After they left, we went to visit Neeta, Sasha and the little Naomi...She is so very cute! After that we also went to wish Anita aunty, uncle and Vishya..We also lit a few sparklers! We are saving the other crackers I bought for cottage.
Dad and Megha, both ready for a nap:

I forgot to add, Megha also had her very first taste of drumstick leaves dal rice. She loved it.

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