Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

How time flies! Here (ctrl+space) is Megha on her very first Halloween party last year. She was a little pumpkin :)
We couldnt go trick or treating as that was the day we were flying to India.

This year she is little penguin! Here she is in front of our home :)
  This was take at the daycare by her daycare provider, Sherry. She was kind to take lots and lots of pictures of Megha.

Aren't they all looking cute?
Here is megha collecting trick or treat candy! For the first few times I said "trick or treat" and then she picked up. As soon as someone's door opens, she said "tith or teeth"...and when she got the candy she very sweetly said "thanks". yes, yes, she needed a little prompting in the beginning :) By the time we came back home, the little pumpkin bag was FULL!
While we were gone (Anand was working night shift), I left the candy out on the porch so that kids can still help themselves to some candy even though we were not home. When we returned, my lil penguin gracefully gave out the candy to everyone who had come!
And when we finished all the candy, she wanted to give out her own candy which she had collected!! I said No and then she was prepared to give out the Fall decorations instead of
God bless you sweety pie!

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