Tuesday, August 19, 2014


As I have mentioned yesterday about Megha's unusual behavior, I thought I would post an update. Today was better than yesterday as per he daycare provider. While the pushing continued to an extent, it stopped when her care provider asked her to stop. No pretend-crying today.

I have always told other young mom's (when asked) that if kids pick up a certain behavior out of the blue, they will leave as randomly as they have picked. This evening I reminded myself what I always said and am now just hoping that it holds good here too.
I reminded her again that we do not push. Lets hope tomorrow is better!

Otherwise, megha and I had a good evening. She ate all her supper by herself while I got our next day's lunch ready and then we played the evening away. By 7:45 she was very tired. So I put her don for a bed. 

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