Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun craft with Crayons for 3 year old

Yesterday evening Megha was a little bit bored and wanted to go to park. With A being under the weather and me just returning from work (with no energy left), I persuaded her that this evening we will stay home but will do something fun.

When I started thinking what would interest her, crayon crafts came to my mind! Here is a simple, yet, beautiful way to make a crayon impression.

I just took a small leaf from one of the indoor plants and placed it under a sheet of white paper. I gave her a crayon. She just needs to scribble on the paper over the leaf and thats all! The first one I showed her how to do it and she got the hang of it :)

When we finished drawing a few leaves, we turned our attention to paper boats. We made a couple and let them float in the kitchen sink :) She loves water and it was fun to watch her playing with boats :)

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