Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Nephew is turning a BIG ONE today!

Our little nephew is turning ONE today. It only feels like yesterday that I received a call that my SIL's labor has started and that they will be heading to the hospital shortly. And shortly enough, its one year already! We were badly stuck in the rush hour traffic and couldn't reach there on time. He arrived before we reached there. We received a call that he is here when were on road.

Swaddled in a blue blanket, he was looking absolutely adorable. Now he crawls and almost walks ALL by himself, much to the delight of everyone who sees him!!
During my SIL's pregnancy, I was researching a lot about what consists of a hospital bag, what to take etc. That's coming in handy for me now. Just this morning Anand was mentioning that we need to buy a hospital bag. The cheapo that I am, think we can use one of our suitcases and it would serve the purpose just fine :)
My parents would be here by this time next week and I cant wait to see them! Its been an year and half since I had last seen them.

Anyway, many Happy returns of the Day to our nephew.

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