Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am feeling well...

In the initial weeks, all that I was thinking was, "is it bed-time yet?" Now, things are improving and I can manage to stay awake until the train leaves the station (to and from work). Before, as soon as I sit in the train I used to fall asleep.
My appetite has also gone up sooo much. I am always hungry lately. So, I am packing healthy snacks like carrots, fruits etc. So far I have been successful in keeping the cakes at bay.

I also finished my 18 weeks as of yesterday! Time sure flies by. I am able to distinctly narrow down the baby movements from indigestion. Though I look more like 6 months pregnant instead of 4 and a half, I dont really feel 6 months. I also feel the 'weight' of the fetus now. Needless to say, my tail bone hurts ALL the time. Anand is telling me that he would recount this tail-bone-pain to our kid as pain-in-a** when it grows up :)

Anyway, here are a few updates about how our fetus should be developing:
Baby is approximately 6 inches/ 14.2 centimeters long from crown to rump and she weighs about 7 ounces/ 190 grams. Chest moves up and down to mimic breathing but it's not taking in air, only amniotic fluid.

I have my third ultra sound coming up on 27July. I am so exited as we can then find out the gender of our baby. I would also like to add that we have started gathering a few things for our baby. I bought a few cloths, bib's, booties, mittens, toys etc. Of course bought only few because I am 100% sure that both sets of grand parents want to buy these things anyway, as the date approaches. My SIL kindly dropped off the crib, bouncer/swing and a few more things.

So yes, things are moving along.

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