Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 months as of today!!

It's been exactly 2 months since Megha was born. In a way it feels like I have known her for a very long time; perhaps because I do know her. She was in my tummy after all :)
Today we took her for her second months check up and she also got her very first immunization shot. Megu cried but only for sometime. It was heart breaking to see her cry; she never did cry this much before. No, not even when she got her teeth extracted at 6 weeks.

Usually her temperature is 36.4 but now it has gone up to 37.1; still within the normal range. She is moaning a lot and seems to have a little trouble falling asleep but other wse all is well. She is also feeding well which is good :)

As of today she is exactly 5 kgs and measure 22 inches.

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