Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Valentines Day

Feb-14, 2012 is Megha's first valentines day and she was exactly 1 day short of 2 months. I wanted everything first to be special and she is of course a very loved daughter. The day before I went to Walmart in at attempt to buy some last min gifts to Megu, mom and Anand. I bought a few decorations and decorated her crib.

Megu bought beautiful cards to her grand mom and dad and she in turn got cards from us (Anand and I) and from her grand ma. She also got a teddy bear from her grand mom and we bought a musical mobile to go on top of her changing table. Oh how she loves the mobile! She smiles a lot the moment we place her on the table because she knows that the music would follow next :)
She inturn gave a box of chocolates to her grand ma and trackpants to her dad.

I also dressed her up in red. Isnt she the most gorgeous baby?

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  1. she is truely kids are so smart from the beginning..imagin expecting the music..