Saturday, February 4, 2012

First ever walk in the neighborhood

Feb-1-2012 was unusually a warm day. In fact it was 6 degrees C! What a surprise, considering Feb is usually the coldest month in winter. I thought we could take Megha out for a walk. We dressed her warm and set out for a stroll. Even though it was mild, it was still windy. So, we (mom) took her in her stroller until the library (under 5 min walk away) and returned. Since it was her first ever outing outside the comfort of warmth of home/car etc, I was afraid she would catch a cold. I know, I know! People dont catch a cold just like unless they are exposed to the cold virus...but like they say in India, I was afraid she would catch a cold if she remained longer outside. So, we were back in exactly 12 minutes :)

All the while Megha was looking at my face :)

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