Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First outing in my car!

Since the time Megha was born, Anand has been driving around when we were taking her somewhere. Today for the first time, more than 3 months after her birth, I mustered enough courage to take her out in my car. My mom was also saying that I better get used to taking her now so that after she is gone. Ack to India, if I want, I will be confidant enough to drive her around.

I was really scared; i guess any parebt would be like me the first time they are driving their baby. But we made it just fine to Walmart and back. She seemed to enjoy the ride and the trip to walmart. This is the second time we have taken her there... We did a little bit of shopping for her summer cloths. I should have taken the picture of us together! Oh well, too late. But at least I locked this date :)

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