Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad dress, BAD DRESS!!

I had (still have) a saree which was super lucky if your intention is to get married. A good friend of mine borrowed it from me for her formal bride-viewing thingy and her alliance was fixed! Even Anand once mentioned that it's a beautiful saree.

But when it comes to luck, some times in can be bad too. Megha has a green onesie. It's a green checkered one and when ever Megha wears it, hardly 10 mins later, she either has terrible spitup or go poo so much that the onesie is soiled or just vomit! She has not worn that thing for more 30 mons, ever! Tonight after her routine, put that dreadful thing (not realizing until later) and under 10 mins she spit up soooo much. Poor Megha!
Just the other day I was mentioning to my sis about this and I don't know why it didnt strike me that all this is because of the dress. Tonight I decided, that onesie is going into garbage.
Some of you might say that I am being unreasonable, but trust me, that green onesie...rascala onesie!!

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