Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Holi!

Megha is growing up so fast. Yesterday, 08th March she celebrated her very first Holi. Since she was less than 3 months old, we of course didnt put any colors on her but nevertheless, I wanted to mark this day as special becuase it used to be a very special day for me when I was a child. Megha wore new cloths, silk cloths which her grand ma (mamamma) brought from Hyderabad for her naming ceremony. Megha couldnt wear those on her naming ceremony because it was too big for her. So, what better day to wear the same?! Here she is...
She is wearing the chains given by both sets of grand parents and the waist band given by her aunt. I couldnt put on the bracelet given by her periamma because by then Megha started fussing around. Oh well, I am sure she will wear that soon.
Above are the anklets which my Attama sent from Madras. I think I am going to enlarge this picture...I love the way she is wearing them.

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