Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Recap

An year in Megha's life.
January: Megha was all but one year (well, 2 weeks older) when we entered 2013. She had just celebrated her first birthday and I was marveling how much she had grown. That also meant that my one year maternity leave came to an end and I had to return to work from Jan 02, 2013.
The hardest part was leaving her at the daycare. Oh, how she cried for the first 7 working days! Big fat tears would roll down her cheeks and I was feeling so sad all the time when I was at work. But in 7 working days she decided that she had enough and stopped crying after that! What a relief to see her happy again!
Picture in Jan:
Feb: One snow storm after the other rocked in our province leaving us longing for summer. It was so hard to get Megha ready in her snow suit before taking her out to the daycare at 6:20 am. She also fell sick in Feb (ear infection).
March: Megha started walking with out support in March 2013! What a proud day for us! We also made a trip to the cottage and Megha went sledding for the very first.
Since she was getting more teeth, she also started brushing her teeth! below is a picture taken at daycare...she has a small paper in her mouth...which she was made to spit, much to her dismay.
April: Megha started speaking small words. She says Ba for ball and car for She has also started eating a lot more new foods than before and since she can now slowly walk, she is up on and into everything!
May: Mother's Day! We went to Orlando, Florida to visit Appu, Ramana. We went to Disney World and Megha had a much fun looking at Mickey Mouse! Megha also learned to sort the shapes and a few colors. She also started eating small pieces of chicken. Before all she used to eat was puréed of mashed food. She is growing up fast.

June: by now, Megha can recognize quite a few animals. We had been teaching her with the help of soft toys and she gets to learn so many things while playing with them. Megha started eating her dinner all by herself! Of course there was lots of mess in the beginning but June is when she first started eating her dinner by herself (with some help from Anand and I).

July:  middle of summer and it was getting really warm. We enrolled Megha in swimming lessons and she absolutely loves to play in the pool! At daycare too almost everyday they get into the pool. She had her very first taste of cheese omelet and she seems to like it. She also completes the rhymes (last words) when I sing a rhyme.

August: we celebrated Anands birthday and Janmashtami in Aug. She also started calling me Momma for the very first time! She can say many more words than what she was saying in July.
Unfortunate incident: Megha slipped on a girls foot and fell. Her forehead split a little a lot of blood came about. This was her very first big boo boo (and last for now and hope it holds good for future too).
September: Megha said her very first sentence in September, "Hi Oso". A proud day for us all! The month was cooler than Aug and we spent a lot of time outdoors. We also taught her to say thanks and welcome and she is using it inter-changeable. Lol
October: Megha can now count upto 10! She also says all the last words of the rhyme twinkle twinkle. She loved playing with the fall leaves at the daycare. She had dosa for the first time this month and she managed to finish 1/2 of it! She also said her first 3 word sentence, "I love you". She was penguin for Halloween.
We also went to Cancun, Mexico in mid October.

November: Megha started speaking a lot. She talks so much gibberish but if you listen carefully, you will know what she is saying. We had a fantastic Diwali and Megha really was looking pretty in her pattu pavadi.
December: Megha turned 2. Happy Birthday baby! We had a good birthday party with limited guests. She helped us set the Christmas tree. She and her dad bought me earrings for birthday!

Happy New Year darling!

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