Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Megha talks more!

It's such a joy to see a child grow up right in front of your eyes! How glad am I to witness Megha learn to speak! She started communicating more and more these days. She understands a lot of things and started to respond when we ask small questions.

She says, "momma, you ok?"
Says, "careful momma"
When asked what she would like to watch, she knows exactly what she wants and tells me, "Dora!"

When she was expressing some distress at the daycare, my daycare provider asked what she wanted itseems; then Megha said, "momma, dayee"...

She learned to ask for water when she wants it, specially during dinner/lunch, "wa wa"...

She also very sweetly says please and thank you! Please I think still needs some work but she perfected when to say thank you!

Here she is playing with her dad's flash light. She figured out all by herself how to switch it on/off!
Don't worry, we don't let her flash it in her eyes for longer than 2 seconds. She seldom gets to play it it.

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