Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dad's note

An extract from Facebook: Posted by Anand this evening.

Sooooo very proud day today....
When Megha was done at the dentist, she got a Dora and Nemo sticker for being a good girl. We had to stop at our family doctors for a follow up after. At the doc's office they have a little play station where a 5 or 6 year old girl was playing by herself. Megha, as usual, went straight to the play station and started playing along side the other girl. Initially Megha sad HI to the girl with no response. After a few tries, she came to me, grabbed the stickers and went to the other little girl and offered her the Nemo sticker. The other girl was a bit shy and wasn't interested in the offer. Megha tried a few times and even tried putting the sticker in the other girls hand. No luck. She came back to me swapped out the Nemo for the Dora sticker (Megha's fav cartoon character) and offered that to the other girl.... Numerous times. No luck. Didn't realize Megha is taking up after her mum this much but good for her and needless to say, very proud of you young lady.

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