Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

I love The Sound of Music and so, I tend to sing this song to megha. She picked it up and am I so proud of her?! Below picture was taken on Valentines Day, 2014.
While I certainly dont know Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa, I dont know Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti either. But I started Do Re Mi with the help of The Sound of Music. I keep singing the songs and she keeps picking them up; she starts with the last words, like she did from the very beginning and slowly progresses to singling lines. 

When she sang the Do Re Mi, I was so thrilled! I really wish I knew Sa Re Ga Ma as well, but, thats OK :)
Well, here is the song I sing while Megha finishes the line with the last word.

Me: Doe- a deer, a female 
Megha: deer
Me: Ray- a drop of golden 
Megha: sun
Me: Me- a name i call  (she very cutely repeats after me..."me")
Megha: myself
Me: Far- a long long way to 
Megha: run
Me: Sew- a needle pulling 
Megha: thread
Me:La- a note to follow 
Megha: so
Me: Tea- a drink with jam and (and she says Tea...very very very sweetly)
Megha: bread
Me: That will bring us back to do 
Megha: oh oh oh

Here is the full song from The Sound of Music

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