Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day - 2014!

Happy Valentines Day Megha! This is the third valentines day we are celebrating with Megha. How fast they grow?!

Megha dressed up in red for the day when she went to the daycare. She gave a card and a heart shaped chocolate cake to her daycare provider.

Here is her playing at the daycare...
Eating a homemade cupcake....
Here is her opening the gift which Anand had sent me...a very thoughtful gift :)
Oh how she loves playing with the wrapping paper and the packaging itself! She put in on the floor, on her hair, my hair and everywhere :)
Here is her making crafts for her dad and our next door neighbors. She is thinking how to decorate the cards.
Here is her opening the card which Anand gave her :) What a pose eh? She read and re-read the card at least 10 times!
Here is her dad opening her handmade craft and his gift:)
Here is how it looks :) I helped her just a little :) It now hangs in our entry way, though, I am planning on removing it soon.
Here are couple of more crafts made with the help of our daycare provider :)

What a great day we had :)

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