Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On a cold wet day...

The last weekend was a long weekend with Monday off. So, the three days Megha and I stayed home and did whole bunch of fun stuff!

She was getting a little bored on the main level and hence, she decided its about time we head to the basement and claim the place :)
Our's is an unfinished basement, meaning, its not as comfortable as the main levels...on several counts.

That didnt stop us though! We set up a table and learned the names of few fruits and veggies.
She also built beautiful towers with building blocks, while saying building blocks cuter than a cat :)
She also rode her trike. I tried to teach her to paddle with feet but i think she will need a few more months to get there. We have a lot more room in the basement to ride, so it makes sense that she loves to ride here.
Now, whenever she wants to go to the basement she gets ready by wearing her shoes and her jacket!! (I put those on her as its cold in the basement). 

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