Wednesday, October 8, 2014

India Trip with Megha- Sept 2014

It’s been a couple of days since we returned from India and we are still adjusting to the time-zone. We had a great trip, especially Megha. She was thoroughly pampered by her grandparents and why not? After all, it’s her right to be pampered by her grand parents.

The onward flight journey went great with Megha sleeping through the flight from Toronto to Frankfurt. In all honesty, I don’t remember how we spent the hours in Frankfurt; I however remember a long-haul in Bombay. Megha was behaving excellent but the poor thing was so tired. When we boarded the final flight (last leg of the journey) to Hyderabad, she was crying. Over-all, an excellent journey. Anand thoughtfully bought kid-sized headphones and they helped a lot during the journey. We also packed all her medication (which we had to use during our last week).

My parents were thrilled to see her and she was enjoying herself so much.

After we reached home, we slept for a few hours. The next day was the house warming ceremony for Megha’s apartment (a very generous gift by my parents). We three (Megha, Anand and I) had no trouble getting up early in the morning as we were still in Toronto’s time zone.
Here she is all dressed up for the Puja.

Here she is unraveling the name board.

Here is a picture from my parents Shashtipoorti:
Megha and her brother Jayeesh (my nephew) bonded almost immediately. She sweetly calls him Jayees-anna and they watched many a videos and played many games together. Here is another clip of Megha with my parents.
She got one gift a day from them and as soon as my parents realized they had more gifts/toys for her than the number of days left in our stay, she started receiving more than one present a day! Oh the joys of being pampered :)

The next few days went in a blur. We went shopping, got the registration for the apartment done, ate, ate and ate more.

We also got Megha’s Aksharabhyasam (introduction to studies) in a nearby temple on Thursday 11th Sept, 2014. Here she is.

During the puja, she was made to write (scribble) on the slate. The temple was beautiful and was surrounded by lush green fields.
We took lots and lots of pictures and here are some:

Then over the weekend we visited Chennai. Though very short, we did meet everyone we had originally planned to meet. A’s cousin Charan and megha had a wonderful time looking at the cows, calf’s, piglets, birds and fishes nearby. She also got beautiful outfit as a gift. Paati also made dosa with chicken kurma.
Also, she was on a scooter (for the first time) with Sampath Tatha. Later I came to know that it was him who had taught Anand how to ride a scooter
Continuing the tradition I see!

It was so nice to meet Avva (A’s grandmother). She was delighted to meet Megha and we were equally delighted to see her too.
They seemed to have formed a language of their own and she seemed at peace there. For the first time in few days, she ate her supper well (ven-pongal made by Durga Paati).
While it was really nice to see everyone in Chennai, we missed meeting Binoj and Hema (Anand’s cousins).

And then we went to Goa. Goa deserves a new thread altogether! So, I will post that and the fun we had post our Goa trip in another post.

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